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ABT announces 700hp Audi RS6 upgrade

Stage two upgrade gives two-tonne estate 649lb ft torque for a 3.3 sec 0-62mph time

By Sam Sheehan / Thursday, February 06, 2020

German tuner ABT has launched a new upgrade pack for the Audi RS6 that ups peak power from the twin-turbocharged V8 to 700hp with the fitment of just two new components. The 100hp gain is associated with 649lb ft of twist, resulting in 0-62mph of 3.3 seconds. Remarkably, this new upgrade represents ABT’s mid-stage pack, so it only needs a piggyback ECU and one of three possible component upgrades, for the exhaust silencer, catalytic converter or intercooler, to achieve the headline gains.

Swap one of those aforementioned bits for a higher-spec ABT part and you’ll be given an RS6 capable of beating a McLaren 570GT to 62mph. Sure, this isn’t the most potent RS6 to come out of ABT’s workshop, but this upgrade pack is considered to be run of the mill rather than special edition (like the previous 735hp RS6+) or requiring extensive hardware work, so any present-gen RS6 owner from either side of the Channel can have it fitted in a morning. It comes with a 62,000-mile or two-year warranty, too, and while UK pricing is yet to be confirmed, expect it to be competitive.

There’s no requirement to fork out more on body upgrades, so the engine boost can be applied to a standard-looking RS6. However, while the prospect of a discreetly specced RS6 with this output is a tantalising one, expect the vast majority of upgraded cars to receive ABT’s new lighter wheels which reduce lower unsprung mass. Also expect the company to add a list of aero pieces to the options list of Audi’s still new estate in the coming months.

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