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Abt reveals one-off 735hp Audi RS6+

German tuner ensures that the last of its RS6+ cars will not go gentle into that good night

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, November 23, 2018

We've all had the hankies out for the Ingolstadt's outgoing RS6. But esteemed German tuner doesn't do hankies. It does enormously potent end-of-run statements. So with the 50th and last RS6+ ever made, it has tearily turned the wick up to create its most potent model yet - the RS6+ Nogaro Edition. The one-off car pushes out 735hp and 690lb ft of torque from its boosted 4.0-litre V8. Not only is that 30hp and 41lb ft more than the normal Abt RS6+, it's a rather hefty 120hp/137lb ft more than the car originally supplied by Audi Sport.

To reach these numbers, Abt has fitted a piggyback ECU developed internally that continuously adjusts 25 parameters for engine control. Combined with a freer-breathing stainless steel exhaust system, it helps to unlock the extra performance with "with best possible engine protection", according to the tuner.

Flat out, Abt's all-wheel drive estate can accelerate from zero to 62mph in 3.3 seconds, which, if you're wondering, is a tenth quicker than the 'regular' RS6+, four tenths better than Audi's original RS6 and just a couple of tenths behind the latest very latest R8 Performance. With the newly boosted motor, Abt's estate also has a top speed of 199mph.

With such potency comes the need for tweaked aerodynamics, so the final RS6+ gets a new front lip and front skirt add-ons, as well as a new rear spoiler, all made from carbon fibre. It also now sits on 22-inch wheels, rather than 21s (just because).

Audi aficianados will have noticed that the car's colour is Nogaro Blue, the same shade that was applied to the legendary Audi RS2. Inside, Abt's trimmers have applied leather to the dash and Alcantara to the chairs, with blue cushions and door cards to match the body paint.

Its RS6+ will obviously be the last of the breed, but its still second in the power rankings to the equally rare hybrid prototype the tuner built, which featured 1018hp. No prizes for guessing which one we'd rather have, of course.

[Picture credit: Abt Sportsline]

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