Abt Audi RS5-R for Geneva

One of the joys of the Geneva motor show - yes, it’s nearing that time of year again - is delving into the depths of the tuner stands, uncovering the sublime, the ridiculous and the everything in between of the modified car scene. This green Audi is the first look into what the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show has in store.

Alright, so the Abt RS5-R is pretty tame by Geneva standards. By everyone else’s though, a 530hp RS5 tuned by a motorsport outfit is pretty bold, and right up our street. That’s because, talented though the latest Audi RS5 is, it does rather lack a bit of edge and attitude. On the face of it, neither of those appears to be missing from the Abt creation...   

Best begin with the engine, because the switch from atmospheric V8 to twin-turbo V6 must have pleased tuners - we all know how much easier it is to eke power from forced induction rather than naturally aspirated engines. Abt says the RS5-R makes 530hp and 509lb ft, increases of 80hp and 66lb ft from standard; frustratingly it doesn't yet disclose how these were reached, though the lack of detail could come from the fact the power gain was simple to achieve... A new Abt exhaust, with chunky 102mm tailpipes, will surely contribute a few horsepower. And make a right old racket while you hit 62mph in 3.6 seconds, down from 3.9 as standard.

Externally, the RS5-R can be identified by new Abt grilles, spoilers and flics, with optional carbon parts including vents and fins - your typical tuner fare. The wheels are Abt Sport GR 21s, with 275/25-section tyres; let’s hope the soon-to-be-available suspension kit - in collaboration with KW - can keep things at least moderately comfy. As is, the RS5-R will be launched with Abt anti-roll bars and height adjustable springs.

The interior brings more badges, more carbon and many other extras, to create what Abt describes as a truly fascinating overall package. Just 50 will be made, so best be quick if you’re interested; more to hopefully follow from Switzerland...



[Source: Abt]

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Comments (40) Join the discussion on the forum

  • smilo996 26 Jan 2018

    So doing the same to the RS4 avant is not beyond the likely. Look forward to that.

  • davidcharles 26 Jan 2018

    wonder how many people will say this is what the Rs5 should have been in the first place...?

  • Jonno02 26 Jan 2018

    davidcharles said:
    wonder how many people will say this is what the Rs5 should have been in the first place...?
    Guilty. Though the alloy size looks OTT.

  • Chuck328 26 Jan 2018

    They did the same for the RS3. Near enough 500 bhp with some other upgraded work. The price, nearly 17K!

    With Litchfield also squeezing out 500 for a fraction of the price.......nuts

  • Dr G 26 Jan 2018

    Dare I say this? It works!

    Standard they have some sharp lines around light/grille/bonnet that jar badly with flowing lines elsewhere.

    The body addenda carry on the theme of sharper lines and give a coherent look.

    Fair play ABT smile

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