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Abt boosts VW T6.1 to 226hp

Family man off camping? Builder rushing to the site? Abt has something to get you there faster

By Matt Bird / Thursday, January 16, 2020

"No other large van evokes such an emotional response as the legendary Volkswagen", opens Abt's press release on its new Volkswagen T6.1 upgrades. Some Transit owners in the UK might have something to say about that, you would think. But Abt is unequivocal in its praise; they believe no other commercial vehicle "can be driven almost as casually as a car and is at least as cool as a trendy SUV." Sounds like they might have approached these modifications with some enthusiasm...

The big news is power. From a standard 199hp and 332lb ft, the maximum offered by Abt from March will now be 226hp and 361lb ft. Which should Transport the big VW along pretty swiftly. The gains are achieved through an Abt Engine Control remap, as are much of the Abt kits, with 180hp also on offer from the 150hp model.

Lashing all that power down is a Bilstein adjustable suspension kit with Abt springs, able to drop the ride height by anything between 40 and 70mm, said to deliver "an unexpected light-footedness and precision." Get the new 19- or 20-inch wheels on some sticky tyres and there'll be no stopping you around the North Circular.

Whatever T6.1 buyers plump for, it's likely to be pricey. The most basic Startline panel van, costs from £28,875. Don't say you weren't warned if your 220hp VW van ends up costing the same as an Elise, basically. Still, as commercial vehicles go, this looks like one of the more entertaining - right?

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