Abt delivers 240hp Audi A1

Believe it or not, the last Audi S1 was an immensely likeable little car. Of course the style and speed (courtesy of a 231hp, 2.0-litre turbo) were givens, but the Audi impressed with agile handling that defied its weight, well sorted ride and manual-only curio appeal. It was desirable beyond the usual Audi parameters, and therefore quite cool. Its cost counted against it, but the S1's strong residuals - you'll still pay Β£16k for one - are a reflection of its status.

Given how funky the new A1 looks, then, it's a shame that Audi will not make another S1. It's even more of a shame, actually, given its de facto replacement is the SQ2, a car described by Top Gear magazine as devoid of "any hint of driving zing or sparkle". Damn crossovers.

Anyway, for those keen on a sporty new Audi A1, ABT is at hand. Its ECU work has yielded 20 per cent more power for a 40 TFSI, meaning 240hp - more than the old S1, or a Mini Cooper S JCW, or even a Mountune'd Fiesta ST. With torque at 266lb ft, expect an improvement on the standard car's 6.5 seconds to 62mph, especially with the standard dual-clutch gearbox.

That should be enough for most, though for those not content there are a range of other Abt upgrades available. Lowering springs reduce the ride height by 25mm, and are compatible with both the passive and adaptive dampers, while the Abt Sport GR wheels are unique to this A1. Dare it be said, this looks pretty good...

Abt currently only lists a €3,790 price for the springs and wheels as a package, with the power upgrade cost as yet unconfirmed. Finally, fear not those buyers in the UK worried it might be Germany only - Richter Sport in Bletchley is an official distributor over here for Abt. Might be worth giving them a call...

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  • ogrodz 29 Aug 2019

    Took the old S1 for a test drive once - despite an enjoyable and spirited experience, three issues prevailed:
    1. Torque steer - very noticeable particularly around roundabouts engaged at pace
    2. Cramped rear - rear seat and boot space very small indeed, might be Ok for some but we were looking for a Polo replacement
    3. Price - typical Audi pricing

    Was looking forward to a resolution of the first two issues with the new model and the promise of a future classic - a missed opportunity I think Audi...

  • AJB88 29 Aug 2019

    Are AUDI UK going to warranty it like SEAT UK are on the Leon Cupra R ST ABT? (£500 upgrade thats covered by warranty)

  • pb8g09 29 Aug 2019

    I bought an S1 a year ago and sold it 4 months later. Just so darn boring to drive.

  • ZX10R NIN 29 Aug 2019

    That looks great in that colour.

  • Slippydiff 29 Aug 2019

    pb8g09 said:
    I bought an S1 a year ago and sold it 4 months later. Just so darn boring to drive.
    Dull, inert steering, dull sounding engine, hopeless gearchange, uninspiring handling. All pretty standard “hot” Audi stuff really ...

    What took its place ?

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