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AMG GT Black Series still testing, still brilliant

Stay at home, look after the vulnerable and don't meet your friends - the Black Series is back

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Who'd like to guess when 'AMG GT' and 'Black Series' first appeared together in a PistonHeads story? Nope, unfortunately you're completely wrong, because it was April 2015. Alright, so the spy shots seen then were of a far more modest AMG sports car, one that most likely went on to be the R or R Pro, but the point stands: this is an ongoing saga so drawn out it could have been on Corrie.

Could we now be one step closer, though? These images are the first we've seen of a GT BS since September last year, somehow looking quite a bit different again. Might be that new aero set-ups are being tested, or indeed being prepared as options for buyers. Or could this be the final configuration, following tests of the last one? Points of note compared to 2019's car include a spoiler that appears to be mounted differently, a much more serious - yes, really - diffuser/bumper arrangement between rearranged exhausts and vents that have moved position. And that's just the rear!

Moving forwards, the front wings have been altered to accommodate new vents (presumably to get air from the brakes), there are more pronounced slats in the arch cut-outs and less pronounced aero flics versus what was there before. Mercedes has even gone as far as to rework the bonnet, now with smaller intakes it seems. That in addition to the facelifted GT grille and lights. And you thought it was just another silly AMG prototype...

Still, despite the progress seemingly being made, we're still none the wiser, really, as to what the Black Series is actually going to be and when we might see it. The time it has taken and the different looks we've seen would suggest that making a 700hp, sub-seven-minute AMG GT is most certainly as difficult as it seems. But the potential of that spec, and the thought of seeing a car that looks like this made road legal, should make all the waiting worthwhile. Let's hope there's not too long left now...

Images | S.Baldauf/S.B.Medien

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