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Audi 80: Reader's Car of the Week

This 80 SE was almost sent to the crusher, until an optimistic PHer took it on as a project of salvation

By Sam Sheehan / Saturday, February 02, 2019

Here's a heart-warming story for your weekend: PHer drewwa has saved an Audi 80 from a very close call with the scrap heap. Having spent much of its life being lovingly cared for until its elderly owner moved to a care home, this 80 had fallen into disrepair. Many would see this as a cue to send the car to the local crusher, but PHers are a different breed.

Drewwa saw hope in the 82,000-mile Audi, which had been regularly serviced right up until it was left to stand. Sure, it's only a 1.6-litre four-cylinder model, so there'll be no five-cylinder warble to look forward to. But this car is in plusher SE spec, so there's a fuel injection system under the bonnet, meaning it has - or had - 100hp.

There was no guarantee that the car would be salvageable. It hadn't moved for over a year when drewwa and his son took it on and, sure enough, the months of neglect had left it with a number of problems. But unfazed by the risks ahead, the pair set out to fix each issue one by one, until they were left stumped by a seemingly untraceable electrical gremlin, that is.

PHers don't often give up easily, however, so we'll leave it to drewwa to explain how he and his son have continued to move this lovable 80 along the path to salvation. It's staying well clear of the scrap heap this time. Well done drewwa!

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