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Audi RS6 vs. AMG E63 S | Time for Tea?

The track battle we've all been waiting for: Audi battling AMG on home turf - place your bets!

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Of course it’s irrelevant, of course no owner will ever do it and of course you could go faster for less - but who doesn’t want to watch RS6 against E63 at Hockenheim? Exactly. Whether you want to admit it or not, watching two tonnes and 600hp take on an F1 track is interesting. And a bit silly. Which is probably why it’s interesting.

We won’t spoil the result here, only to say that it’s extremely close, so head straight to the video if you must know which of Audi and AMG is quicker on a serious circuit. What’s notable about both, obvious though it maybe, is the sheer speed - the speedos of each say more than 155mph on the main straight - the noise - Audi in particular very vocal on the drive-bys - and the strain being put on both to achieve sub-two-minute laps. Look at the Merc’s brakes after the end of its fast laps, and listen to the Audi’s tyres during the onboard; it’s hard to imagine them surviving this sort of treatment for long.

Still, going as fast as an M2 CS around Hockenheim in a two-tonne estate was going to take its toll somewhere. And the fact that both are this fast is cause for celebration, because there’s absolutely no need for them to be. Finally, this is just the start: there’ll be an RS6 Performance in time, as well as an E63 facelift. Fast estate fans have never had it so good…


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