Audi S5: Spotted

V8s are on their way out. You know that, we know that, the motoring world knows that. Electrification hopefully means their extinction can be staved off for a little longer, but the days of eight naturally aspirated cylinders in fairly normal road cars are certainly behind us.

Arguably nobody has embraced the downsizing of the V8 like Audi (although BMW would be close behind), with the only one currently still available to our knowledge being the RS6. And the SQ7, yes, but that's a diesel. Those that used to feature V8s now run turbo V6s and, while the cars are certainly more rounded as a result, when you're looking for something to cherish and admire secondhand then a V8 has substantial appeal.

Look no further for proof of that than this Audi S5. The 'S' models of the A4 and A5 surrendered their V8s sooner than the RS flagships, and the pre-facelift Coupe of the last S5 kept it the longest. Remember when the Sportback and cabrio arrived - plus the S4 as well - they had the supercharged V6 instead. So there's a very narrow window, in fact, of sporty, stylish, understated Audis with a stonking great V8 in them.

Particularly so with a manual gearbox. When the V6 'S' cars of this generation went on sale, they came solely with a seven-speed dual-clutch setup; as, of course, did the V8 RS models, and that continues into the current cars. So the honour that the original S5 holds, jointly with the first R8s as far as we can tell, is of being the last manual, V8 Audi offered on sale. Which is pretty cool.

Furthermore, this S5 is a quarter of the price of an R8. There is no doubting the additional dynamic appeal (and power) of the mid-engined sports car, obviously, though that shouldn't detract from the appeal of V8 value for money. This S5 is nicely specced, with red leather and aluminium brightening up the interior, runs on four new Michelin tyres, has 11 month's MOT and also comes with a recent service including box fresh Brembo discs and pads. It's been with the current owner for four years - so more than a third of its life - and is only being sold to fund a return to 911 ownership. And it's 10 grand! Alright, £10,995. But you get the point. A lot less than an R8, for sure.

It won't drive with as much vim as an M car, sure. To be honest, a new S5 would probably make it feel a bit flat. But a new S5 won't have a V8, it won't have a manual gearbox and it won't, though this point is more subjective, have quite the style of this car. For a model first previewed with the Nuvolari concept of 2003, this era of A5 is aging very nicely. Well, we think so.

What should hopefully be a less contentious point is what an alluring package this S5 represents. Some might not like the prospect of 100,000 miles looming, but the current tally is only around 8,500 miles a year. With sufficient budget for vital running liquids, this Audi looks like being a great fast GT. Get in a V8 while you still can.


Engine: 4,163cc, V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual, all-wheel drive
Power (hp): 354@7,000rpm
Torque (lb ft): 325@3,500rpm
MPG: 22.8
CO2: 298g/km
First registered: 2007
Recorded mileage: 92,000
Price new: £39,825
Yours for: £10,995

See the original advert here.

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  • Helicopter123 14 Mar 2018

    Audi haters will surely hate, but that's a very compelling package.

    The interior is bullet proof, and the design still very appealing.

    I like this a lot.

  • Dale487 14 Mar 2018

    Oh! It's manual!

    I think I prefer an S4 Avant manual but they're so far & few between beggars can't be choosers.

  • marcg 14 Mar 2018

    Does it have a V8?

  • 2 GKC 14 Mar 2018

    There's something about these Audi interiors and the way they age. Seem to go a bit shiny, like some taxi that has been cleaned every month with some ropey old product.

  • culpz 14 Mar 2018

    I know the V6 S4 is quicker and more effective, but i really fancy one of these in V8 flavour. A really appealing car for the money for me. I believe around 10k will get you one? Seems like a bargain for the dosh tbh.

    I'll have one in that lovely shade of blue, in coupe form, with sat-nav (not sure if standard or optional) and maybe the automatic gearbox. I think a manual in one these could be quite appealing though.

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