Audi TT RS gets mid-life facelift for 2019

Audi has treated the TT RS to a mild facelift for 2019 as part of the final updates due for its five-pot coupe and cabriolet models. Having been on sale since 2014, the third-gen TT range is now half of its way through life, meaning the usual raft of design and tech changes are being rolled out - and the top models are the latest to get the tweaks.

The mid-life updates to the TT RS coupe and drop-top include new front bumpers - well, slightly restyled ones - and a more prominent fixed wing to the back; plus some new paint options. Inside, the top TT variant sticks with Audi's Virtual Cockpit tech, but the communication system features Audi's very latest voice control and connectivity software. Oh, and there are new bits of trim to spruce up the cabin, which, we might add, already stands as one of the finest in its class.

No-one will be disappointed to hear that the TT RS' party trick, its inline five motor, remains unchanged. It continues to deliver 400hp at 5,850rpm and 354lb ft at 1,950rpm to all four wheels via Haldex quattro hardware. That means the performance figures remain the same: 62mph comes in 3.7 seconds and top speed is a limited 155mph or, if you request a delimiting, 174mph.

And that's it. UK pricing and sale dates are yet to be confirmed, but we'd guess that a slight increase on the pre-facelift TT RS will leave it starting close to Β£55k. As before, that puts it in the same ballpark as the Porsche 718 Cayman GTS - a car with less outright power, but considerably more fizz. Nonetheless, as PH learned when we ran a TTRS on the fleet last year, it's likely to remain an immensely capable - and extraordinarily fast - machine.

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  • Blink982 05 Feb 2019

    Same hideous wheels I see, which spoil the looks for me. Otherwise, it's still a very nice looking car. The engine sounds fantastic.

    I wonder if you'll be able to place a factory order this time around. With the first batch, you had to put up with whatever the dealership had spec'd, which usually meant those hideous alloys.

  • Dominic TVRetto 05 Feb 2019

    Not usually an Audi man, but I really like these. Very impressive spec.

    Colour really suits the lines, to my eyes...

  • cmoose 06 Feb 2019

    What is it with the current vogue for utterly tacky boot spoilers...Jaysus!

  • Dale487 06 Feb 2019

    cmoose said:
    What is it with the current vogue for utterly tacky boot spoilers...Jaysus!
    I think the whole TT RS looks over done, particularly the boot spoiler - do you think it be possible to have the understated looks of the standard TT with the RS engine, all wheel drive & a manual gearbox?

  • dino_jr 06 Feb 2019

    Is the TT canned after this model then?
    Read some websites that think Audi will bin the TT after next year, due to declining sales (in favour of more SUV's probably.)

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