BMW M3 (E92) Competition manual: Spotted

Rumours that BMW's next M3 will come exclusively with all-wheel drive and an automatic gearbox come as little surprise - the model would simply be following the path of the M5 in the face of ever-growing demands for more performance. But few might have expected to hear that a rear-wheel drive, manual M3 Pure version could also be in the pipeline, because such a car would completely buck the trend of the M division's latest movements.

Like the Porsche 911 R and Audi R8 RWS, an M3 Pure would be produced for those who prioritise driving engagement above outright performance. But while there are plenty of us around, it's inevitable that the sales of this manual rear-driven model would be minuscule compared to the regular, more mainstream car. As such, it'll almost certainly come with an inflated price so as to counter the reduced profit margins of a three-pedal M3. Which is a shame.

But what if you didn't require your 'pure' M3 to be brand new? Then might we point you in the direction of the E92 M3 Competition with a manual gearbox on PH's classifieds that, if the description and pictures are anything to go by, is in immaculate condition throughout. Since this is an E92, it comes with BMW's wonderful atmospheric 4.0-litre V8, which offers instantaneous throttle response and has only ever been interested in driving an M3's rear wheels.

In standard trim the E92 was an intoxicating mix of brutish German power and sublime handling, but the Competition variant was sharper still with 10mm lower suspension and revised damping. Even back when the E92 was new, automatic gearbox sales ruled the performance car roost, so today's Spotted is one of just 24 that came fitted with a six-speed manual and Competition chassis. As a 13-plate, it's one of the last to leave the production line, too. We won't need to explain how special that makes this car.

In its six years and 46,000 miles not one sheet of this E92's BMW service history has gone missing, nor have either of its original keys. It's clearly been loved. To seal the deal, the body's been treated to a ceramic coating, plus the car's been parked in a garage, so the red paint - a rare choice for the E92 - looks spotless. Really, it's a wonder why anyone would choose to sell such a rare and healthy example of a 'pure' BMW M car. There's no question, though, why you'd want to buy it.


Engine: 3,999cc V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Power (hp): 420@8,300rpm
Torque (lb ft): 295@3,900rpm
MPG: 22.8
Top speed: 155mph (limited)
Price new: £56,590
Yours for: £29,500

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Comments (106) Join the discussion on the forum

  • GTEYE 24 Jan 2019

    Nice car, but the price looks pretty strong for a 6 year old M3 and the mileage looks fairly average for the type of not low enough to justify a premium.

  • VonSenger 24 Jan 2019

    I agree, bonkers pricing. Plenty of manuals to be had at half the price.

  • yonex 24 Jan 2019

    These will no doubt bounce upwards soon. If you look at the values of even the weakest 911 they are fantastic value in comparison.

  • MikeGoodwin 24 Jan 2019

    The values are mental at the moment, people commanding 5-10k more than they should be worth.

    Glad i owned one definitely a box to tick for me anyway, but a flawed car due to its weight. Don't think Id have another but I always look at them with rose tinted glasses which is why I think the pricing is all over the place.

    My ideal spec is DCT, 18 inch 216M. With some nice coilovers - ohlins and a centre gravity setup. Top that off with some minor weight reduction, primary cats out, exhaust system, GTS gearbox software, remap. See where Im going here?

  • Krikkit 24 Jan 2019

    With how rare it is, what good condition it looks and sounds, and being the last one off the line it doesn't sound like crack-pipe pricing to me.

    Perhaps I've just been indoctrinated into the bonkers pricing regime.

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