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Just a few weeks since we were impressed by the 680hp Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid's ability to defy physics on the road, German Top Gear hand Tim Schrick has flung one around the part-gravel Gotland Ring to show that it can keep up the wizardry when the going gets rough. A large portion of the Gotland surface is bare earth because it's not finished yet, so Schrick's 3 min 51 sec lap has everything from wide, GP-circuit-like asphalt bends to dusty crests and rocky cambers that look like they're from a rally stage.

He's not hanging about either, as is evident from the understeer followed by a near miss with a large bush at, which has him shrieking and then laughing in relief. But aside from a few trouser ruining moments, the Cayenne defies its 2.5-tonne heft really rather well on both asphalt and gravel, flaunting all the anti-roll talents we noticed on our recent road test along with the same mid-corner throttle adjustability that makes it seem unusually well balanced for something so large.

Porsche has been quick to emphasise that this is a completely standard car, with no alterations to the 4.0-litre turbocharged engine or accompanying hybrid gubbins, nor has the air suspension been tweaked (although Schrick fiddles with its settings when the surface changes) and the wheels retain a set of road tyres. We'll assume the flat cap is driver supplied, and safety tested.


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  • Nerdherder 21 Aug 2019

    Porsche can get silly. Who knew.

  • Augustus Windsock 21 Aug 2019

    Impressive for such a behemoth.
    But I have to ask, how many hot laps could be completed before the tyres are fubar’d? By the amount of tyre squeal, and understeer, I’m guessing not many....

  • loudlashadjuster 21 Aug 2019

    One of the more entertaining in-car videos, and serious cojones to commit like that on road tyres.

    Loved the "honest" noises he was making at times!

  • mudnomad 21 Aug 2019

    This is the track Ariel Nomad was built for!
    I would love to try to beat that time

  • Fetthobler 21 Aug 2019

    It's actually less understeer than you think...


    Edited by Fetthobler on Wednesday 21st August 15:57

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