E30 M3 Nurburgring bumper cam: Time for Coffee?

In case you hadn't noticed, the BMW M3 marked its 30th anniversary in 2016. Already this year there's been the limited edition car, the M3 oddballs and the well-timed DTM success. It's a very important year for BMW and perhaps its most iconic M car. So hopefully you won't mind us extending the party just a little further. To some it will appear odd that a video celebrating the M3 never actually shows the car, but that's OK - this is all about the noise.

With a mic apparently rammed in the airbox, this DTM E30 Nordschleife lap is accompanied by that magnificent S14 shriek in near-perfect quality. It's easy to forget what a sublime sound four-cylinder M3s can make, and this will serve as the perfect reminder: it's a raucous, aggressive but beautiful noise, one of the greatest automotive soundtracks.

And it's here, on a glorious and sunny Nurburgring with barely any traffic until about five minutes in. You can hear it flare up over bumps, the driver just feather the throttle through corners and some angry downshifts when he's trying to move an M4 out the way. It's absolutely superb. So happy birthday (again) BMW M3, thanks for the memories; here's to the next 30 years. Let's hope people are still using old DTM cars like this in 2046.

Watch (or rather, listen) to the vid here.


P.H. O'meter

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  • helix402 09 Nov 2016

    Superb! No 320ds or Polos though.........Still remember one of my favourite E30 M3s:

    Some would say the engine change was sacrilege, perhaps, but it did give the M3 the power it needed. The cooling was a bit marginal though.

  • Leins 09 Nov 2016

    Great vid! smile

    Re the B6 - don't forget this Hartge either, my favourite M-car and M-engine combined

  • helix402 09 Nov 2016

    Didn't know about the Harge.

  • Leins 09 Nov 2016

    They also did some engine modifications on the S14s too. In fact MLs sold one a few years ago - an EvoII enlarged to 2.5Ls:

  • patmahe 09 Nov 2016

    What a noise just puts you in the mood for driving

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