E63-based Brabus 800 confirmed for Geneva

The debate around just where Brabus fits in as AMG products become crazier and crazier has been running for a good while now, but it would appear that Bottrop's audacity knows no bounds. If AMG goes with more power, then Brabus goes with even more again...

Hence the Brabus 800, a car based on the AMG E63 S 4Matic+ and one that gives the AMG flagship another 188hp. For a nice round 800, or 789bhp in old money. Torque is rated at 737lb ft (1,000Nm), presumably for fear of churning up every bit of tarmac the car drives over.

Brabus says 800hp is sufficient for a 3.0-second sprint to 62mph and a limited 186mph top speed. And don't worry, Brabus also says that versions "with an even higher top speed" are in development.

The mad Brabus gains have been achieved through the fitment of two new turbos, taking boost pressure to 1.6 bar, plus the introduction of a new sports exhaust. Best of all, every upgrade is covered by a 62,000-mile Brabus warranty, so there's really no excuse not to.

Marking out the 800 - if indeed you get that long to look at it - are new front intakes, unique 21-inch wheels and a rework of the air suspension that drops the car by 20mm. A range of 'naked carbon' aero enhancements can be added if you so wish.

For the Geneva show car, Brabus is throwing damn near every option at its E63, up to an?d? including two-tone interior leather. We're told to pay particular attention to 'pinpoint quilting' of the seat surfaces, yet more carbon and backlit scuff plates that are in sync with the interior ambient lighting?. Marvellous.

Brabus hasn't issued a price yet for the 800, but given that this 700hp version is for sale at 240,000 euros, somewhere approaching 300,000 doesn't seem ridiculous. And yes, you can have an estate too...





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Comments (38) Join the discussion on the forum

  • JEMAutomotive 02 Mar 2018

    Love the car but the seats would have to go, look like they were outsourced to Khan !

  • loose cannon 02 Mar 2018

    Trouble is Kahn is the market for this sort of car
    And tsw hockenheim wheels from C.A.R

  • David87 02 Mar 2018

    Yes to the mechanical stuff, no to everything else.

  • StephenGalley 02 Mar 2018

    Sounds like it will be a beast, I'd love to take one for a spin.

  • PHMatt 02 Mar 2018

    loose cannon said:
    Trouble is Kahn is the market for this sort of car
    And tsw hockenheim wheels from C.A.R
    If I was ever in the financial position to do so, I would rather flush my money down the toilet than give it to that arrogant *****

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