Geneva 2012: Porsche Boxster

With a well-specced 991 Carrera now nudging £100K an all-new Boxsterlooks like an even more appealing choice, this third-gen version – as before – lifting much from its 911 big brother. With a sub-£40K starting price half as much.

Carrera GT/918 Spyder influence obvious
Carrera GT/918 Spyder influence obvious
It’s got a stronger identity of its own this time round though, those big side vents giving it a distinctively mid-engined stance while the neat, integrated spoiler at the back adds a bit of pertness. There are definite hints of 918 Spyder in the lights and flanks too. No bad thing there either.

Our man Harris will be driving the car before the week is out and, for a man you might assume doesn’t get out of bed for anything less than a GT3, appears to be ‘very excited.’

Well he might be too because while Lambo and Ferrari cater to extremes of wealth, performance and size anxiety the Boxster is very much a sports car for our times. Downsizing means a return to the 2.7-litre displacement of old, now direct injected of course, and a 3.4-litre S, both returning solid mid 30s official mpgs with the PDK gearbox. The 2.7 is good for 265hp, the S 315hp and Porsche claims a typical weight saving of around 35kg. Time to dust off the inevitable 'ring lap time and, for the record, the S will do it in 7:58, 12 seconds faster than the outgoing car and, according to our Porsche man, similar pace to the 996 GT3.

Interior influenced by new 911
Interior influenced by new 911
Though the 991 influence is clear – electric steering included – the manual option remains a six-speed rather than the seven of the 911. The rising centre console – originally inspired by the Carrera GT and introduced to mainstream Porsches by the Panamera, Cayenne and now 911 – also carries through to the new Boxster while the roof – now one-touch, power operated – is faster than before. No excuses for not dropping it at every opportunity then.

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  • HeMightBeBanned 06 Mar 2012

    That looks fantastic. I hope the electric power steering hasn't ruined it.

  • Flawless Victory 06 Mar 2012

    What's the deal with all the air-vents on the dash?

  • Twilight1 06 Mar 2012

    I find 7:58 very fast around the track. I wonder how much does the standard S cost in regards to the normal 2.7- version?

  • kentmotorcompany 06 Mar 2012

    Really nIce looking car.

    Never liked the Clarksonism of "poor mans Porsche" I've always thought it to be a great car in its own right.

  • Raitzi 06 Mar 2012

    7:58. That is much quicker than Cayman R. How is that possible with less power?

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