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Lightweight and Sport packages for 911 Turbo S

Need a 650hp 911 to be lighter, and sportier? Now there are two more Turbo options to consider...

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, March 25, 2020

As the world around it as continued to change, so the modern 911 Turbo - let's say from 996 onwards - has remained remarkably constant. It's been incredibly fast, nicely appointed, freakishly capable and, given the performance, relatively subtle as well. Now that looks set to change, with both Sport and Lightweight packages being offered for the 992 flagship.

The Turbo is meant to be about all-weather practicality, refinement, and performance, right? Well, opt for a Lightweight package and your comfy chairs up front will be replaced by full bucket seats, and the rear ones ditched entirely. A two-seat Turbo! Combine that with reduced sound insulation and lighter glass, and the Lightweight equipment reduces kerb weight by 30kg. Doesn't sound like much, but there's the potential that with a bit more noise, and the increased sense of connection through the buckets, that past criticism of being a little aloof at less than warp speed might be addressed. Let's see.

The Sport package is said to "emphasise the dynamic attributes of the new flagship 911." An evolution of the Sport Design kit already available, buyers will get "exclusive design tail lights and numerous high-gloss black body details." Hmmm. Interestingly - or perhaps cynically, depending on perspective - the Sport package also comes with a carbon roof, meaning those after the very lightest Turbo S will have to have both upgrades fitted.

Thus equipped, it sounds like the end result may be along the lines of the Carrera T, where a few minor tweaks add up to form a worthwhile overall change. A Turbo ST, if you will, but then that really is a confusing Porsche name. Prices for both Sport and Lightweight packs are yet to be announced, though given the equipment that's involved they're not likely to be small extras. As for their effect on the Turbo S experience, we'll hope to find out as soon as possible - quite when that will be, however, is currently anyone's guess.

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