Mercedes-AMG E53 replaces E43 in E-Class line up

Time moves fast in the world of Mercedes. It was only a little over two years ago that a whole new E-Class was launched, to considerable acclaim. Additional variants soon followed, including the announcement of a V6 E43 AMG in June 2016. PH drove that car early last year, proclaiming it to be "a very appealing combination of practicality and under the radar performance."

But now it is no more, the ferocious rate of progress meaning the E43's technology is now redundant. It is being replaced by the E53, an AMG derivative already seen in the CLS as well as the Coupe and Convertible versions of the E-Class. As a reminder it uses a 3.0-litre straight-six turbo with an electric compressor and EQ Boost starter alternator, with peak power and torque of 435hp and 383lb ft. Mercedes says it's sufficient in the E-Class saloon and estate for 0-62mph in 4.5 seconds and 155mph flat out.

The introduction of the 53 to the rest of the E-Class range is part of a wider model facelift (told you things move quickly), which Merc says "narrows the gap to the S-Class". Notable updates include more driver assistance technology, a new wheel insid (and four new ones out), plus a 'dual phone mode', that allows simultaneous phone connections from two different Bluetooth devices.

At present there aren't any prices for the E53, although the international release states that the model will be available from the summer. Now might be the time to nab a good deal on an E43 then, with production presumably now finished. There are 24 currently for sale on PH, this saloon quite interesting by dint of it not being grey, black, or white, and a few estates are available too. If you're after something fast, luxurious, and now set to be quite rare as well, you could do far worse...



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Comments (45) Join the discussion on the forum

  • leakymanifold 27 Apr 2018

    It has real exhaust pipes! Anyways, what are the benefits of this complex beast over and above the small increase in power?

  • sideways man 27 Apr 2018

    155 mph flat out...... surely these are restricted to 155. Very different!

  • Onehp 27 Apr 2018

    I love a fast estate but I also think they are getting bloody heavy, so this somewhat lighter version without any lag to speak of with the mild hybrid system and the electric compressor (not turbo really), I find very interesting. And the latest Mercs are a very good steer, so this could be the sweet spot for me for the large family wagon where dad still can enjoy driving it suitably quickly down a twisty road when appropriate. That is, in the future when I can find one pre-owned...

  • Krikkit 27 Apr 2018

    leakymanifold said:
    It has real exhaust pipes! Anyways, what are the benefits of this complex beast over and above the small increase in power?
    Swapping a V6 for a straight-6? Also more efficient, hence bringing it in ready for the WLTP.

  • Tim bo 27 Apr 2018

    Looking forward to the Coupé version ...

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