Mercedes-AMG GT video

With no less than that man Harris saying the Porsche 911 is looking at its most vulnerable in generations and the explosive arrival of the Jaguar F-Type in coupe and roadster form the Serious Sports Car market (an arbitrary new category created for the purposes of this story) is looking more exciting than ever. Throw in Maserati's confirmation the Alfieri will be built (surprise!) and the forthcoming Mercedes-AMG GT and the next few years look to be fertile ones for those with £100K or so to spend on a sexy sports car.

Different exhaust trims suggest range of models
Different exhaust trims suggest range of models
What's AMG bringing to the party? The GT is its second self-built car following the SLS and from hints dropped by engineers and this first dynamic teaser video suggest it's going to be entertainingly lairy. The SLS always had a hint of old-school muscle car about it; shrunken and pitched to take on pricier 911s is a recipe for something properly exciting.

We were at AMG not so long ago to drive the Final Edition SLS and while there caught glimpse of a couple of AMG GT mules rumbling around the factory. Our guide teased 'can you tell the difference between the two of them?' and after closely studying the photos the answer is ... no. Beyond one of them having quad exhausts and one having single rectangular outlets and the possibility of larger side gills on the former it's hard to say; at the very least it suggests the GT will be available in a variety of flavours to really tempt 911 buyers at all levels.

Interesting times. More when we have it...

Mercedes-AMG GT teaser

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  • Gecko1978 20 May 2014

    if this and the 911 etc are aimed at thoes with circa £100k to spend on a sports car what do thoes with say £40k have to aspire to (aveage UK wage being 25k). I am not sure an Audi TT or Z4 are true sports cars more sporty cars. So you have the Porsche Boxster / Cayman but what else (thinking 2 seats aimed at sporting driving rather than just looking sporting).

    As for this car looks really nice sort of SLR meets SLS.

  • Bencolem 20 May 2014

    Intrigued to see the final styling of this - I thought Mercedes were enjoying something of a styling renaissance of late but have shown signs of confusion and lack if cohesion again recently. Certainly the variety in the various 'artists impressions' being touted evidence that on-one's quite sure what we're going to get with this model. At least the basic proportions look pretty good...

  • MB 1 20 May 2014

    This so very exciting!

    Although There are a couple of SLS available at the 100k mark.

  • Beefmeister 20 May 2014

    They revealed a rather dark image of it, which can be tweaked to give a pretty good idea of the side profile:

  • Fetchez la vache 20 May 2014

    Was never a fan of the looks of the SLS.
    Looks like I won't be a fan of this either smile

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