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Mercedes-AMG S65 saloon bows out: Update!

The most mega of mega barges will meet its maker - but not before a Final Edition is launched

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, March 06, 2019

UPDATE - 06.03.2019

It's all happening too fast. Only a few days after we found out Mercedes-AMG was to cull the V12 S-Class, the Final Edition version has been revealed in Geneva. The runout model is little different to the recently revealed SLC Final Edition: it gains top-spec kit and several unique features, so might potentially become a bit of a collectors' favourite. Particularly if this turns out to be the resting place of that colossal engine...

Painted exclusively in Obsidian Black metallic, the AMG limo gets a contrasting silver front grille and matte bronze alloy wheels with matching side skirts, while there's a bronze finish on the front bumper's lower grilles and the back bumper's lip. Eye-catching stuff, but it won't be to everyone's taste.

Additionally, there are also black exhaust tips and a plaque with the words 'One Man - One Engine' on the V12 under the bonnet - which remains unchanged, by the way. Like the 'regular S65, the Final Edition's twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre motor produces 621hp and 738lb ft of torque, enough to carry the 2.2-tonne four-door to 62mph in 4.1 seconds and onto a 186mph top speed.

Inside you get black leather upholstery and bronze trim to match the exterior's theme, as well as copper-coloured stitching and carbon fibre tinted with the same shade. In the Final Edition, a panoramic roof, adjustable rear seats and even a matching car cover are thrown in for free.

We're yet to find out what premium will be added to the standard car's £189,685 starting price in this departing model. We'd assume something that surpasses the £200k mark is inevitable - and probably justifiable for what is one of the world's last and most extravagant V12 models...

Sam Sheehan

ORIGINAL STORY - 25.02.2019

While we all knew the end was near, nobody quite expected the flagship Mercedes S-Class to disappear with such a whimper. In Mercedes' official release about the upcoming Geneva motor show, where the merits of the CLA Shooting Brake, GLC and Concept EQV are proudly proclaimed, there's a throwaway sentence about the S65. Look away now if you're feeling emotionally vulnerable on a Monday morning...

"S 65 Final Edition (combined fuel consumption: 14.2 l/100 km, combined CO2 emissions: 325 g/km), which crowns and brings to an end the long success story of the 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine in the S-Class Saloon." That's it. Under 'Attractive special models' at the bottom of the release, mentioned after the SLC and SL Grand Edition, the final installation of the twin-turbo 6.0-litre V12 in the S-Class saloon. And, well, there's not likely to be another V12 in an S-Class now, is there?

While the demise was somewhat inevitable - the SL65 and G65 having already succumbed - it does seem a shame that the S65 must disappear almost without trace. Yes, it was always a difficult car to make a case for - the AMG V8 cars typically better to drive and more pleasant to listen to - but for the ultimate in ultimate luxury, nothing quite beats 12 cylinders. S63s almost became commonplace in some areas; seeing an S65 was always a noteworthy spot.

There aren't any details yet on just what the Final Edition modifications will comprise, though you'd have to hope for something modest and restrained in the best light-under-a-bushel S65 fashion. Certainly we'll be making a fuss about it from the Geneva show floor, even if nobody else will. And, finally, for those desperate to pay personal respects to the V12's demise, check this out - a 2015 S65 AMG, with just 8,000 miles, for sale at £84,995. Current new price? £189,260. Sounds like a bargain to us...

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