Mercedes CLA facelift for New York show

It seems barely a day goes by without a new Mercedes at the moment, the range expanding at a frightening rate. If there's a niche that needs filling (or a rival has already done it), then Mercedes will soon be there.

Given the amount of flics this must be the Aero Pack
Given the amount of flics this must be the Aero Pack
Today it's the turn of the CLA, the mini-CLS if you're feeling generous or the A-Class saloon if you're not. Following the A-Class facelift earlier this year, the CLA is now getting the new bumpers, black radiator grille and wheels.

That really is the extent of the visual changes too. Well, unless you count the new canvansite blue paint option. Inside that ever controversial freestanding screen is "much slimmer looking", the dials are refreshed and there are new trim possibilities including matt black ash wood. Don't forget the new LED lights as an option too...

Alright, so it's not the most thrilling facelift, but both the CLA45 Coupe and Shooting Brake have been tweaked as well. Rather more interesting. Like the A-Class hatch, power is up from 360hp to 381hp and the 0-62 time is down to 4.2 seconds, or 4.3 for the Shooting Brake. The front limited-slip diff is carried over as an option too, as are shorter gear ratios for the dual-clutch gearbox.

Marking out the new 45 AMG cars are a new spoiler on the coupe, a different front splitter with aero flics and a "diffuser insert". Mercedes claims the aerodynamics have been further improved and the drag co-efficient reduced, but without providing any numbers. Should that be insufficient, there is an optional AMG Aerodynamics pack with even more flics, a rear spoiler lip, a larger front splitter and "spoiler lips over the simulated air outlets on either side at the back." Mmm...

381hp means 62mph in 4.2 seconds (!)
381hp means 62mph in 4.2 seconds (!)
Elsewhere in the range there is a new 89g/km CLA 180d Blue Efficiency Edition, a hands free boot option plus, of course, yet more options to connect your tech with the car. There is no mention of additional active safety tech for the CLA, but only because both models "already previously included the latest generation of assistance and safety systems".

The facelifted CLA and CLA Shooting Brake will be shown at this month's New York show. Orders will be open from next month, with deliveries due in July. But with the facelift being so light, surely now's the time to pounce on a used model? There are 45 AMGs now available from £35,000...







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  • HammyHamster 15 Mar 2016

    Please...... make a CLA63 AMG smile

  • Atmospheric 15 Mar 2016

    With the facelift, the V6TT option would have been good.

  • ben5575 16 Mar 2016

    Just bought a CLA shooting brake following the realisation that I don't actually need an e class to put a cocker spaniel in. Looked at A5, A7, c, e class and ended up with this in 250 4matic guise with amg exhaust. Sounds fantastic, looks different from everything else (marmite I know), great little car if you put aside the ridiculous snobbery that sadly oozes from this article.

  • wotnot 16 Mar 2016

    As a long time fan and now owner of a CLS I never really 'got' the CLA.
    Having said that I know a lot of people who love them and there's no arguing with those performance figures. Bloody thing's quicker than mine...frown

  • romeogolf 16 Mar 2016

    It's a gorgeous looking car from the outside, but the interior options are black, black or black with red stripes.

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