Mercedes says farewell to another V8...

We've not even driven the latest Mercedes S63 AMG yet, but it's already the harbinger of bad news; it will be the last AMG product to use the 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8.

Two A45 engines for next V8. 720hp unlikely...
Two A45 engines for next V8. 720hp unlikely...
Whilst it probably won't be remembered quite as fondly as the atmospheric 6,208cc M156 found in cars like the C63, the M157 is a pretty fine engine nonetheless. It proved to BMW that turbocharged V8s could sound like proper V8s, and no doubt it will prove suitably epic with 585hp in the flagship S-Class. But according to Tobias Moers, that is the engine's reliable power limit (664lb ft is probably pushing it a bit too).

Given the engine is Euro 6 compliant and those regs aren't applicable until 2015, it will be around for a little while yet. Currently, AMG is planning a 4.0-litre replacement unit based on throwing together a pair of A45 AMG engines. Don't expect the same specific output (that would make 720hp!) but there will be some fundamental similarities. There's also likely to be some hybrid assistance for bigger AMGs.

Having only been around for a few years, there's not a wealth of used M157-equipped AMGs available. This E63 just sneaks in below £50,000, and this CL63 can reputedly waft along returning 27mpg combined...

Finally, what does this news from AMG mean for Aston? A turbocharged V8 would certainly address any complaints about a torque shortage in the next Vantage...


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  • Luther Blisset 18 Sep 2013

    Well, that was quick! What was the reason they went for the 5.5 in the first place then?

  • Prawnboy 18 Sep 2013

    mmmmmmmmmm plastics, why wont someone make a good looking engine bay for once!

  • burwoodman 18 Sep 2013

    looks fine to me. Health and safety probably plus deters amateurs wanting to fiddle with various bits. I think the Mercs are a lot better than other marques in regards engine covers

  • MiseryStreak 18 Sep 2013

    It looks like 4.0 litre FI V8s are going to be powering everything out there. From BMWs, Audis and Mercs to Bentleys and Aston Martins. Oh well, better than batteries I suppose.

  • Turbodiesel1690 18 Sep 2013

    Prawnboy said:
    mmmmmmmmmm plastics, why wont someone make a good looking engine bay for once!
    Because race car

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