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New, faster Porsche Cayenne Coupe revealed

Sleeker version of Porsche's largest SUV is faster than its sibling; arrives as V6 and Turbo

By Sam Sheehan / Thursday, March 21, 2019

Porsche has pulled the covers off its new Cayenne Coupe, and confirmed that the shapelier model will be marginally quicker than the standard model. The firm's biggest-selling car has been given a substantial makeover to work its roofline and tailgate into the body of the new, sleeker SUV - and has received minor chassis alterations to give it a performance edge over the regular five-seater Cayenne, too.

First things first, that back-end. It’ll come as no surprise to see a light bar and Panamera-esque tail light arrangement integrated within the car’s pinched rear, where it also has a dual spoiler setup incorporating Porsche active aero tech. The firm says it produces even more downforce here thanks to its aerodynamic design.

This isn’t simply a case of a new rear slapped onto the Cayenne, however. Porsche’s designers have also widened the rear arches by 18mm for a more muscular appearance and also trimmed the A-pillar to better blend with a roofline which is 20mm lower. Passengers in the front might not notice the latter, but those in the back sit 30mm closer to the ground in order to claw back some of the headroom lost by that new lid. There are just two seats in the back, by the way, helping the Cayenne Coupe to save weight (although it's possible to have the standard bench as a no-cost option).

The Coupe comes as standard with the Sport Chrono package, meaning the range-topping Turbo makes use of the same 550hp twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 to sprint 0-62mph in 3.9 seconds, two tenths quicker than the regular SUV, while top speed is unchanged at 177mph. The other variant revealed at launch, a turbocharged 3.0 V6, also has the same 340hp as its standard counterpart and can hit 62mph in 5.9 seconds (also with the Sport Chrono package), saving it a couple of tenths as well, before reaching 150mph. Both variants run with a slightly wider rear track (hence the wider arches), providing the Coupe with more stability and, ultimately, more overall grip. Or so the engineers told PH.

Most importantly, the performance stats place the new Porsche ahead of the Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe, despite that car’s V8 enjoying a power advantage. Porsche’s hybrid powertrain is going to be added to the Cayenne Coupe at a later date, creating a rival for AMG’s forthcoming electrified 53-badged alternative. Executives also hinted to PH that a more extreme S E-Hybrid that pinches the electrified V6 system from the Panamera will follow, while a Turbo S model will complete the line-up.

Of course, the negative of opting for the Coupe over the regular Cayenne, other than the loss of a rear seat, is a scalped boot. Space in the back of the V6 is down from the regular SUV’s 770 litres to 625 litres, while the Turbo loses 145 litres from the five-seat version’s 745 litres. Fold the seats down and it’s a similar story, the V6 Coupe now offering 1,540 litres and the Turbo version swallowing 1,510 litres. If boot space is your thing, the AMG GLE Coupe wins this battle. But nobody buys an SUV-coupe for boot space, surely…

Porsche is taking orders for its new Cayenne Coupe now, with prices starting at £62,129 for the V6 and £104,729 for the Turbo, making the models pricier than their five-seat siblings by £6,164 and £5,438 respectively. The first cars are due in Britain this May, meaning we’ve not long to wait to see how a haircut has affected Porsche’s broadly talented Cayenne. More to come on that soon.

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