New Porsche Cayman R Revealed

The popular and effective Porsche Cayman coupe has been given a performance make-over. The result is a new 'R' model that will go on sale in February priced from a whisker under £52k.

The new model follows a tried and tested path, with a 55kgs weight loss plan augmented by a lower, stiffer chassis and a minor horsepower hike - up 10 from the Cayman S to 330hp.

The fat has been trimmed through the use lightweight components and stripping out luxuries like the air con and stereo. So you'll get aluminium doors, carbon fibre sports bucket seats and interior door panels a la 911 GT3 RS, and there's also a slightly smaller fuel tank.

The sports suspension system lowers the Cayman R by 20 mm, and the new model will also come as standard with a limited slip differential, and lightweight 19" alloy wheels (from the Boxster Spyder) that reduce weight by 5kg.

With a six-speed manual transmission, the Cayman R sprints from 0 to 62mph in 5.0secs, two-tenths faster than the Cayman S. With the optional seven-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission and Sport Chrono, you'll get to 62mph in 4.7 seconds. Top speed goes up by 3mph to a heady 175 mph.

There's a new Cayman Aerokit with fixed rear spoiler in contrasting colour, and black-framed halogen headlights, contrasting side mirrors and decorative "PORSCHE" side-stripes will help you stand out in the crowd. The car in the photos features a new 'Peridot' metallic paint from the options list.

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  • Noe 17 Nov 2010

    52k buys you your own slice of boring pie

  • Mermaid 17 Nov 2010

    Nice track car

  • edo 17 Nov 2010

    just a shame it isnt allowed to tread on the 997's toes.

    350-400 bhp and it would be fantastic. I've owned both a Cayman S and a 997 S, and the Cayman was the sweeter handling car - if not quite as quick, or as pretty (IMHO).

  • juansolo 17 Nov 2010

    A massive disappointment. Air-con is essential in a coupe and rubbish though the radio is, most people spec it, and when you add those back there's little in the way of weight saving. If you were allowed to pick the combination of options on the Cayman S, the only things this car is adding of worth is the Spyder suspension and a tiny hike in power. They've not gone anywhere near far enough with this.

    Also I don't like the spoiler and was hoping for something more along the lines of the Spyder in that respect. It's lazy just slapping the aero pack on and painting a few things black. The spyder *looks* special. This is just a parts bin special. Even if it was using the bumpers/spoiler from the Spyder, at least then they'd both have the same look.

    The half-arsedness of it all is a show stopper for me. They had a real opportunity to give the Cayman some teeth here and they've once again cowered away behind the bulbous rump of a 911. Very disappointing, but on the plus side it saves me a load of cash so I'm not complaining too much.

    Edited by juansolo on Wednesday 17th November 10:31

  • edo 17 Nov 2010

    Noe said:
    52k buys you your own slice of boring pie
    I can understand you not liking it, but Boring?!

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