New VW R logo signals brand 'realignment'

Volkswagen R boss Joss Capito says that the brandโ€™s newly designed R logo signals the start of a โ€œrealignmentโ€, which will commence this month when the Atlas T-Cross Sport R-Line is launched in the US. While Capito refrained from revealing exactly what the change to direction will be, the new badgeโ€™s simpler, less racey look - not to mention the fact that itโ€™ll debut on a trim variant rather than actual performance model - suggests it might have something to do with an additional broadening of its current use.

Thatโ€™s of little surprise. Weโ€™re already long past the point where youโ€™re more likely to see an R-Line badge than R on the road, and Volkswagenโ€™s rivals are already making wider use of their equivalent performance brands. The next full-blown R model will be a range-topping T-Roc, due on the roads later this year - although that model continues the mechanical template established by the outgoing Golf R so does precious little to establish a fresh direction.ย 

We should get a better idea of how this โ€˜realignmentโ€™ affects proper R cars when the next Golf R arrives, probably next year after the upcoming launch of the all-new Mk8 Golf (pictured below). That car is due with a top variant offering a substantial boost in performance compared with the outgoing four-pot. Something close to 400hp has been mooted, meaning the Golf R should be well placed to rival the AMG A45 for the first time. If a few more trim-only R-Lines are needed to justify that sort of offering, so be it.

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  • Matt Wills 07 Oct 2019

    Well that makes up for Dieselgate then! Well done VW.

  • Johnnytheboy 07 Oct 2019

    Article said:
    New VW R logo signals brand 'dilution'

  • Gandahar 07 Oct 2019

    Matt Wills said:
    Well that makes up for Dieselgate then! Well done VW.
    More than makes up I'd say, the new badge is fantastic. Can't wait to see one in the metal / cheap plastic.

    I can see people prising them off and wearing them on chains, a la the good old days of the Beastie Boys. Allows the catalytic converter stealers an opportunity to branch out and diversify also to combat a no deal Brexit.

    What's not to like? (as the PH journo cliche of 2011-2016 would state)

  • Cold 07 Oct 2019

    The VW logo itself was redesigned earlier this year too but slipped by unnoticed on here. Obviously not as interesting as when Lotus changed theirs and the corresponding multi page thread that produced.

  • MikeGoodwin 07 Oct 2019

    God what a dull looking car, same for the A class and 1 series

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