Porsche 911 Carrera launched with 385hp

Eight months after the launch of the 992, Porsche has added the standard Carrera to its current 911 lineup. The new trim level brings the model's starting price down to Β£82,793 and provides the manufacturer with a direct rival for the likes of Jaguar's 380hp F-Type V6. Using a 385hp version of the turbocharged 3.0-litre flat-six featured across the 992 range, the base 911 is capable of sprinting from 0-62mph in 4.2 seconds - or four seconds dead with the optional Sport Chrono pack - making it two tenths quicker than the old 991.2 Carrera turbo.

Porsche still only offers an eight-speed PDK with the 992, and for now drive is sent exclusively rearward in the Carrera, which tops out at 182mph. The model's main differences occur in the flat-six's internals, where it receives smaller turbines and compressors - otherwise the non-S car gets much the same technical makeup as its slightly more potent sibling. That includes the same chassis and traction control systems, with a new wet mode that helps the rear wheels apply power more effectively on slippery surfaces - reducing the chances of any unwarranted reversing into hedgerows - alongside the new digital cabin technology.

The Carrera receives smaller wheels all round, so that's 19s at the front and 20s at the rear, giving it slightly larger tyre side walls - but the rear contact patches are still 295mm. Braking is handled by a set of smaller discs (of 330mm) than the S, grabbed by four-piston monobloc calipers finished in black. You can, of course, option in the usual extras, such as Porsche's adjustable Sport chassis, for a four figure sum, so don't expect many Carreras to be leaving the showroom in absolute base spec.

With potentially less grip, less power and the added pliancy of those thicker sidewalls, the entry version might yet prove the sweetest 992 - certainly it will be the most accessible. The Carrera S has immense talent, but there's no doubt that Porsche has pursued ever faster speeds alongside ever higher levels of grip. It's so enormously capable though that a step back might not be such a bad thing for road driving.

We'll know soon enough. Both the Carrera and Carrera Convertible are available for order as of now, with the latter costing almost Β£10k more at Β£92,438. All-wheel drive versions will follow in the coming months to double the present 992 line-up, with the hotly anticipated GT stuff also set to appear in the not so distant future - as hinted at by the recent sightings of the new GT3.

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  • Griffgrog 29 Jul 2019

    I'm going to bet that this is the best 992. That's plenty of power for UK roads and the smaller diameter wheels will help too. Everyone will talk about the GT cars as being the best, but those who opt for the base carerra will probably enjoy the pick of the bunch.

  • Mark-C 29 Jul 2019

    Yep - as an everyday usable car this looks immense ...

  • drpep 29 Jul 2019

    No manual gearbox for the Porsche 911. How times have changed. While I appreciate the progress that is the PDK and ZF-auto gearboxes, I somehow can't resolve the absence of a manual option for the 911.

    None of my/our cars have manual gearboxes and that's the principal reason that the M3 will be replaced at some point by something endowed with 3 pedals and a stick in the centre console. It's not just about going quick; it's about being involved and that's what a 911 is all about.

    I'm sure this is objectively a faster and better all-round car for it, but there's little more satisfying than a series of well matched heel and toe downshifts toward a bend on track.

  • SFO 29 Jul 2019

    Porsche has said that a manual gearbox is coming

  • C.MW 30 Jul 2019

    That sloppy electronic shifter and the elimination of a proper handbrake tells you one thing very clearly: the 992 was made a luxury GT first and a sports car second. An analogue, engaging sports car that gets under your skin, it is not.

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