Porsche 911 GT3 Touring: Pic of the Week

Is it possible to talk about the latest crop of Porsche GT cars without mentioning the 911 R? Probably not. And of course it remains a sore subject for some, its limited edition (and hugely desirable) status arguably undermined by the arrival of the GT3 Touring. But then that means there's an argument to say that the new manual-only 911 is perhaps the most covetable around...

It's definitely an understated car when compared to its fixed-wing counterpart. Without it, you are able to see how much wider the rear is when compared to a base 911, and how much better it looks for it, too. Big-bottomed 911s are the best 911, right?

As with the normal GT3, it is fitted with the 4.0-litre flat-six that redlines at 9,000rpm and makes 500hp. Combine that with Porsche Motorsport's dynamic know-how plus a stunning ribbon of tarmac in the south of France and you have a perfect dream drive. Oh and a Pic of the Week to tide you over until 2018 - Happy New Year!

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Comments (18) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Iamnotkloot 22 Dec 2017

    The perfect modern 911?

  • Phooey 22 Dec 2017

    Looks crap. Sorry but THIS is the 911 GT3 Touring: Pic of the Week -

  • Davey S2 22 Dec 2017

    Phooey said:
    Looks crap. Sorry but THIS is the 911 GT3 Touring: Pic of the Week -

    Apparently the pensioner driving is quite useful behind the wheel of one.

  • Plate spinner 22 Dec 2017

    Iamnotkloot said:
    The perfect modern 911?
    I would say so

  • huwdm 22 Dec 2017

    "A wingless GT Porsche in the south of France... What more could you want?"
    Answer: A wing-ed (if thats a word) one

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