Porsche 911 R at Silverstone: Time for Coffee?

Is the Porsche 911 R the most discussed and debated car of 2016? Perhaps. But in the furore around availability and dodgy deals, it's largely been forgotten that it's rather good as 911s go...

So look away now if you don't like rear-engined Porsches, and the R in particular. But if you do like them and you want to see one being driven well by an enthusiast, see below. PHer 'footsoldier' got his R on track as soon as possible, enjoying his car on a great circuit as well like to do with a new performance car. The noise is sublime even through a GoPro, it looks really fast and props to this PHer for doing his own heel and toe as well.

With so many apparently being bought as investments, to see a 911 R being thrashed around a circuit is really heartening. That's what they were made for after all! Thanks footsoldier for sending it over, hopefully there's plenty more to come.

Watch the video here.

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Comments (45) Join the discussion on the forum

  • TIGA84 18 Nov 2016

    Good to see one being used.

  • TP321 18 Nov 2016

    Another over hyped car....took him ages to get past that R8.

  • marc 18 Nov 2016

    How lovely to see a modern supercar with a manual gearbox - it might be slower but it is a crucial interaction in a sports car - all in my humble opinion of course!

  • RobM77 18 Nov 2016

    TP321 said:
    Another over hyped car....took him ages to get past that R8.
    It's not hyped for its performance though, it's hyped for how nice it is to drive isn't it? Plus on a trackday you can get anyone there from a track virgin to a professional racing driver practising in his road car, so relative performance doesn't necessarily tell you anything about the cars.

  • smilo996 18 Nov 2016

    "Is the Porsche 911 R the most discussed and debated car of 2016" - only here.

    Another week, another 911.

    Good to see Porsche have finally admitted (again) the correct location for the engine is in front of the rear axle.

    "By moving the engine forwards Porsche can finally utilise the space to generate more underbody downforce, while also improving the overall balance of the car"

    Makes you wonder why they put the rear seats in instead, oh wait......

    Decent paint and wheels though.

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