Redux restomods the E30 M3

Have you ever wondered what might happen if BMW had built an E30 M3 beyond the Sport Evo? Wonder no longer! Because that's what Redux Leichtbau has aimed to create with this car, an M3 described as 'enhanced and evolved'.

It's a Singerisation, basically - an iconic performance car taken back to its shell and rebuilt using the very finest components available. Like a reimagined 911, an evolved E30 can be your own car provided to Redux, or a car sourced by the company. The donor vehicle is then stripped, the chassis jigged to ensure its straight, and then put back together as the Evo Evo.

So the famed S14 engine is bored out to 2.5-litres from 2.3, using a new crank, rods and pistons. Redux will even turbocharge it if you wish, boosting output to 393hp and 390lb ft - though naturally-aspirated figures haven't been issued yet.

Elsewhere, the car is treated to three-way adjustable Exe-TC dampers, a host of new suspension bits, bigger brakes with AP Racing calipers, Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres on forged wheels, a cage (if you'd like one) and that exquisitely retrimmed interior. It's a boutique M3, yet one with the hardware to make it even better to drive as well - quite some combination.

Redux will make just 30 of these M3s initially, with each customer invited - just like with a Singer - to make the car unique. Unsurprisingly, a price hasn't yet been issued, though this level of work is never going to come cheap. Furthermore, and in a crucial difference to the Singer plan, the Redux restoration is not beginning when donor cars are affordable - every single E30 M3 on PH is currently more than Β£40k. Still, if money was no object, it'd be very hard to say no...

Images: Drew Phillips for Redux Leichtbau


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  • ArmouredBiscuit 14 Mar 2019

    Oh my......that is moment-worthy.

  • lestiq 14 Mar 2019

    my oh my, that's certainly given me a moment of pause. coolcool

  • shalmaneser 14 Mar 2019

    Well this looks like it's going to be a thing doesn't it? Not a big fan of the wheels.

    e30 M3
    Jaguar E-Type
    Porsche 911
    Ferrari 488

    Anyone fancy guessing whats going to be next?

  • FoxtrotOscar1 14 Mar 2019

    Id use that "shut up and take my money" picture but I dont have any.

    That looks the utter bks though

  • playalistic 14 Mar 2019

    Wibble! bow

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