RUF Roadster Apes Classic 911 Targa

A 1967 Porsche 911 Targa was the inspiration for this new Roadster model from Alois Ruf and his team. They'll make one for you if you're blessed with a spare £200k and (one might possibly opine) the desire to offend against nature.

RUF says its new offering is equipped with an integrated roll cage which combines the safety of a coupé with the fresh air feeling of a convertible. The centre piece of the roof can apparently be removed and folded, as can the flexible plastic rear window and the 'targa' panels.

As a result, you can drive the car completely enclosed, completely open, or with a closed roof and open rear window, or open roof and closed rear window.

If you're not put off by all those choices, they'll build you a car with 400hp six cylinder power, or as a 560hp Turbo, and the base price for the Roadster starts at Euro 195,000 before tax.

On a different tack altogether, we're wondering how long it might take a workshop full of monkeys to recreate the entire Porsche back catalogue, given a sufficiency of different sized spanners. Or perhaps monkeys can only type...


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Comments (55) Join the discussion on the forum

  • matbat 14 Oct 2010

    I rather like it.

    Nice and subtle :-)

  • AndrewW-G 14 Oct 2010

    It'll only truly be retro if the roof squeaks and leaks hehe

  • 98C4S 14 Oct 2010

    Looks shiiiite

    All in my humble opinion of course

  • zakelwe 14 Oct 2010

    Forget that, where is that 550bhp V8 911 they were promising?


  • drybeer 14 Oct 2010

    Don't get me wrong - I LOOOVE classic Targas, but that is an offence against Porsche-kind!

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