SpeedConcepts 911 at Sebring: Time For Coffee?

Bring up the grievances with modern motorsport amongst fans and some common threads will emerge: not enough noise, a surfeit of grip over power and boring onboards, because the drivers don't look like they have much to do. Time to watch this, then...

It comes from Leh Keen, a known name in historic Porsche racing circles, doing his very best to drive the wheels of SpeedConcepts 1974 IROC 911. It's a fairly recent video, only being published towards the end of last year, and is still yet to reach 10,000 views. Trust us when we say it really, really deserves to.

That the vid description features the line "Tires are very used Hoosier R7" should say a lot about what's coming. This is not a locked-on-line race car vid, not even close to it, and more compelling viewing as a result.Β The 911 locks up under braking, oversteers under power, oversteers off power... oversteers a lot, basically, the car seemingly never far away from the limits of adhesion. It's absolutely brilliant to watch.

Combine that with a driver skilled enough to harness the flightiness of an early 911, a rousing flat six soundtrack and a circuit as demanding as Sebring and you have a video that's well worthy of accompanying your morning beverage. Already had one? Make another, because you need to see this. Though be warned: additional caffeine and this sort of onboard vid could lead to some considerable excitement...

Image: HistoricRacingNews.



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Comments (3) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Maldini35 08 Jan 2019

    That looks fun!

  • Kawasicki 08 Jan 2019

    Maldini35 said:
    That looks fun!
    Agreed. A fast, tail heavy, ball of fun.

  • jimmytheone 08 Jan 2019

    I sometimes watch these hot laps and think "yeah, superb lap but very clinical".

    THAT however looked awesome fun driving

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