VW Golf GTI Mk2 by Petrolicious: Time For Tea?

Most of us can empathise with feeling a particularly strong attachment towards cars our parents owned in our youth. From being squashed four abreast into the back seat on a trip to the seaside, to manning the sponge during a weekend wash; the sights, sounds and smells of the dawning of our automotive obsessions are easy to recall.

This is certainly the case for the subject of this Petrolicious video. With his father having owned two Golf GTIs, there was seemingly only one choice when it came to Andrew Tucker buying his first car - a Mk2 Golf. From there he moved on to a GTI of his own, one which met its demise in fairly heartbreaking circumstances from the sounds of it.

All of that has led him to this though. As, after an extensive search, he managed to find a completely original Mk2 GTI 16v. With nothing more than a suspension refresh, he had on his hands a car that ticks nearly every box. Desirable classic, practical daily, fun hot hatch and sensible investment. It's what the GTI is all about, isn't it?

Combine all that with a stunning Welsh setting and some beautiful videography, and you have a very pleasant way to spend the next five minutes and 27 seconds of your life. Enjoy!



P.H. O'meter

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  • pete.g 22 Nov 2017

    I had two 8v in the early 90s, including one of the last registered in the UK - unfortunately the only car I've ever written off in an accident.

    When I got my first new Porsche and wanted a DD to do the commute to work, I went back and got another.

    Eleven years later I still have it - they are remarkably durable and also have that mechanical and electrical simplicity that allows owners to do a lot of their own work.

    Love them.

  • greenarrow 22 Nov 2017

    This was a great era for cars and the mk2 gti is one that got away for me. Sadly I can’t see me owning one now. I did have a 205 gti though. Down a country back road most moderns would be too fat to keep up!!

  • J4CKO 22 Nov 2017

    Won one in 1988 in a Daily Mirror competition, my dad bought it off me and gave it me back 14 years later, brilliant car.

    Have had four of them in total, for years I would get something else and then gravitate back to them.

    The performance and power figures barely warrant a tepid hatch nowadays but they were so crisp to drive, the steering was so direct and the brakes worked which is more than they did on the Mk1.

    I have a TT MK1 at the moment and it has a similar feel in some ways.

  • 2 sMoKiN bArReLs 22 Nov 2017

    I had a newun in 1988. I loved it

    ..and then a '91 in '97

  • hairy vx220 23 Nov 2017

    I had a couple in the late 80's and early 90's. Definitiely lived up to their reputation!

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