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Big Apple Outlaw | Time For Tea?

Magnus Walker and his beard are out again, but there's not a Porsche in sight...

By Matt Bird / Monday, April 6, 2020

What with the abundance of free time now on offer, there's a chance you might have seen this latest vid from Magnus Walker already. But, just in case you haven't, allow us to nudge you gently in the direction of (or suggest from a safe distance) the Urban Outlaw's newest production.

Called Big Apple Outlaw, it's a three minute insight into Magnus Walker's "almost typical day" when he's in New York. So it's nothing like anyone else's almost typical day in New York. Primarily that's because of the vehicle used as transport, the Lancia Delta Integrale 'BastardA'.

Nope, it isn't a limited edition Delta you've not heard of, instead the creation of Magnus' mate Phil. Phil can be found on Instagram @misterenthusiast, and is well worth checking out for more pictures of his glorious Integrale.

Essentially, then, this video is Magnus Walker eating his way around NY with one incredible looking Lancia. Yet another environment where the Integrale somehow looks just perfect, it turns out. And the point? There isn't really one, it seems, beyond showing off a bit and celebrating a very cool car. As one commenter pointed out, "The best Integrale advertisement, 40 years later." We could hardly have put it better. Enjoy!

[Film credits: Jean Pierre Kathoefer (@johnnypuetz), Claudia Stock, Ethan Roach (@_ethanroach)]

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