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Β£40k Civic Type R Limited sold out

Nobody in the UK had seen or driven the Limited - but that didn't stop it selling out

By Matt Bird / Friday, March 20, 2020

Good news has been in precious short supply of late, so the announcement from Honda that the 20 Civic Type R Limiteds allocated for the UK have sold out is pleasing. Especially so in the current climate, as not all of Renault's Megane Trophy-Rs are spoken for. And given the palaver last time it tried to sell 20 Civic Type Rs at £40,000 in the UK...

But then the Limited is not going to be quite so extreme as the Renault (or that old Mugen), as evidenced by its price: the 20 UK customers will pay £39,995. A chunk more than a Type R GT, sure, but keeping it out of the comparisons with more powerful hot hatches that come once an RRP is beyond £40k.

As a brief reminder, all 20 of the Limiteds will be Sunlight Yellow, are equipped forged BBS wheels and weigh 47kg less than a regular Type R. So don't go getting fat in isolation and spoiling Honda's hard work.

Although Limited prices have been announced, there's nothing yet on the standard Type R, the GT and the Sport Line. Expect those in due course, and most likely a modest increase over the current RRPs of £31,550 (standard) and £33,550 for the GT. Then, presumably (and hopefully) a drive of what promises to be a great hot hatch not long after that.

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