Acura NSX GT3 - New York 2016

How excited is the world about the Honda NSX? Actually, lets rephrase that; how much more excited would the world be about the NSX if it were rear-wheel drive and combustion engined only?

Out of nowhere!
Out of nowhere!
Well wonder no longer, because here is that NSX. It's the NSX GT3 in fact, the latest Honda motorsport product and set to make a racing debut in 2017. And doesn't it look fantastic?

Those front aero flics are vicious, the negative camber super aggressive and the spoiler gigantic. It's very clearly still an NSX but just sort of, well, better. Look at those intakes! It just needs a few Mugen stickers to finish it off...

More interesting is the fact this GT3 ditches the hybrid and four-wheel drive system of the roadgoing car. It's rear-wheel drive and powered by the same twin-turbocharged V6 as the production NSX, sharing the block, heads, crank, pistons and valvetrain. A power figure hasn't been announced yet, but a six-speed sequential gearbox will feature.

Which, of course, must lead to some speculation on an equivalent road car. After all, the GT3 shares the regular NSX's spaceframe and body, making it sound more feasible than some race to road car transformations. The official line from Honda is that "NSX was always built to go racing, we can't confirm any future product inspired by that." But the prospect, even without driving the standard car, is mouth-watering.

Honda has said the NSX GT3 will begin competing in North America next year, with testing currently underway to push for GT3 homologation before the end of 2016. So it could be seen over in Europe, racing cars like the BMW M6, AMG GT, Bentley Continental and Audi R8 in Blancpain and the like. Needs to happen, right? We'll keep you posted!


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Comments (12) Join the discussion on the forum

  • BBS-LM 24 Mar 2016

    Looks great, and good to see Honda in GT3.

  • je777 24 Mar 2016

    For me - perhaps it stems from being a child of the 80s - most cars (well, of the 'supercar' variety) look better with a big wing.
    Also, despite all the talk of active aerodynamics, etc., when it comes to take a car racing, the huge wing goes on.
    If I had a P1, first thing I'd want is the infinitely better looking GTR wing on the back.

  • boma 24 Mar 2016

    Sexiest looking GT out there. And more importantly, a Honda to get excited about again!

  • British Beef 25 Mar 2016

    This is closer what the road car should have been, than the road car is, namely without the hybrid 4wd BS!!

    The original NSX is loved because of the classic design and "simple" mid engine, RWD, manual gearbox running gear.

  • thetoxicnerve 25 Mar 2016

    Liking that a lot. The front end is a little fussy but overall, great looking machine.

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