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Classic Supra parts back in production

Have an 80s or 90s Supra in need of some TLC? Toyota can lend a hand

By Matt Bird / Thursday, January 9, 2020

In the past few months you may or may not have heard about a new Toyota Supra; got one or two people very excited, so it did. It might also have come to your attention that a new Supra has increased awareness and appreciation of old Supras, most specifically the A80 (the Fast & Furious one) and also the A70, the pop-up headlamp car that preceded it. Where once a manual, UK A80 could be bought for a lot less than £20k and the A70 was Shed money, both now command much higher price tags.

Because they're now worth some money, Toyota has suddenly become aware that people might want to spruce them up a bit. So as part of the GR Heritage Parts Project, the manufacturer is once again going to be making bits and bobs for old Supras. Much as Nissan did with the Skyline GT-R R32, the aim is to keep these old - the A80 was launched in 1993 - cars going as supplies dry up. After all, there's no better advert for a sports car than the seeing cherished old ones driving about the place.

To be exhibited at the Tokyo motor show from today, Toyota will first bring back into production prop shafts, door handles, fuel sender gauges, weather strips and badges for the A70 Supra, then headlights, door handles and brake boosters for the A80. The heritage parts will be available from Toyota like any other, and they'll be available outside of Japan as well. Supra owners are advised to keep their eyes glued on the Gazoo Racing Heritage Parts page for prices and availability. They're even inviting requests for further parts that Supra men and women want reproduced, so the floor really is yours...

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