Datsun 280ZX: PH Ad Break

When trawling through YouTube for old tat to feature in this slot, we happen upon all sorts of old American car ads. Some, we’ve already featured here – the Chrysler Laser and Cordoba, to name those we’ve gone with so far. And pretty much all of the ones we happen upon are irredeemably cheesy.

Holy wire-frame, Batman...
Holy wire-frame, Batman...
None quite so much as this, though. And it isn’t even for an American car. That said, it is for a car that many will say became bloated and disfigured thanks to American wants and needs – the Datsun 280ZX.

So much did the 280ZX appeal to American sensibilities, in fact, that it won Motor Trend Magazine’s Import Car Of The Year award in 1979, a fact that Datsun was only to keen to brag about with this fantastic 30 seconds of footage.

And most of that, it has to be said, is taken up by the voiceover guy uttering the phrase ‘The Datsun 280 Zee Ex is... awesoommmme’. Have a look... you’ll see what we mean. It’s the voiceover that makes this ad, actually, but we’re also big fans of the “Look, we do technology” wire-frame diagram at the end and the hilariously perky jingle that closes the ad. That said, it’s not quite as mind-blowingly entertaining as the advert for the 280ZX Black Gold Edition we brought you a couple of years back, that features the same voiceover guy doing the talking while two impossibly 70s characters snap their heads round to the camera and almost indulge in a snog.


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Comments (24) Join the discussion on the forum

  • dave stew 24 Apr 2013

    Excellent! But I prefer the previous ad with 'tach po rn actor man just about to give 70's perfume ad girl the 'good news'!

  • Mogsmex 24 Apr 2013

    awesome laugh

  • RINGMEISTER 24 Apr 2013

    "Computerised safety check" Impressive!

  • AlfaKev 24 Apr 2013

    The wire frame is of a 120Y Sunny - surely one of the least technologically advanced cars ever!!

    Great ad, keep them coming!

  • aarondbs 24 Apr 2013

    Excellent, I have to say though that the car itself, minus the voiceover and brilliant ad ending, looks pretty cool in a Huggie Bear way. The white lettered tyres are a thing of beauty.

    Just need gold medallion, hairy chest and the look is complete...

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