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Dirk Schoysman in a GT-R: Time For Tea?

The Ringmeister at the 'ring going very, very quickly indeed

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Here's a video that should have been published a lot sooner. It comes from Duke's Nissan GT-R DVD and features Dirk Schoysman, the Nurburgring (where else?) and a very special R34.

That the narrator reminds us the speedo is in mph and not kph perhaps tells you all; it's a ludicrously fast Skyline. And with Schoysman driving, it remains absurdly rapid around the whole circuit. And this is despite commentating on the whole lap like he was watching the footage on TV. He chastises other tourist drivers for not seeing him and calmly guides the Skyline round. But leaves it in third for some slower corners because he's not going for a lap time. Obviously. Drizzle makes little difference to his approach, only making the slip angles bigger.

A lap like this would look good on Gran Turismo. That it was real and not even at maximum commitment is just phenomenal. Good on you Dirk, and keep delving in the archives Duke!

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