Honda Civic Type R (FK8): PH Videoblog

With more than 100 comments on the drive story, it's fair to say that the Civic Type R is a car that PHers certainly want to talk about. And not all of the discussion is about the looks...

This video, a quick videoblog from the launch, certainly isn't focused on the car's styling. How could Matt comment on it with a balaclava and helmet like that? Instead the attention here is on the car's track behaviour, how it improves on the old car and where there might be room to make it better still.

Do you have time for excuses? The sun was in his eyes, he didn't have the right shoes on, and it was really hot... In all seriousness though, presenting on track is far harder than it looks. And the instructor was very fast. Anyway, if this doesn't suit, there will be plenty more Type R videos coming soon!

Watch the video here

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  • Mike1990 15 Jun 2017

    Sounds so much better than the FK2, kinda reminds me of my old Astra 'H' VXR.

    I for one likes that 'Darth Vader' noises biggrin

  • Porsche911R 16 Jun 2017

    I just cannot see how the looks appeal to any one over 20 !

  • M1C 16 Jun 2017

    Im 34 and strangely....they are starting to actually appeal to me...

    A few days ago...they weren't..but they are now.

    I wouldn't say it looks ...good..or cohesive...but i they way they've gone..'what the hell, who cares'.

    Like the previous one...from some angles it was (and is) a mess...but its got a real presence on the road...something which the Focus RS, for me, rather lacks.

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