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Honda S2000 | Reader's Car of the Week

Want to know about S2000 ownership? Get comfy...

By Matt Bird / Saturday, March 28, 2020

We're all spending more time inside at the moment and, if you're anything like us, you'll be desperate for something to take your mind off things. Something to read, something to inform and entertain, something to put a smile on your face in sombre times. PHer 's2000_f20''s thread on their Honda S2000 will do all of that.

In more than a decade of trawling Readers' Cars threads on PH, it's difficult to recall a level of detail matching this one. Whoever you are, PHer 's2000_f20', a hearty well done on the commitment and effort put into both maintaining this thread and your lovely little Honda.

Clearly a Honda fan given their car history, s2000 acquired their S2000 in April 2018. From there they've set about fixing, tweaking and enhancing their car, so that it now stands as perhaps the best S2000 you ever did see. From making their own cup holder, to cleaning the VTEC solenoid, to fixing water leaks (twice), there really has been no stone left unturned in creating a near-perfect S2000.

It's being used, too, the S2000 getting to Wales, Brands Hatch and the Nordschleife as well as various other photoshoots, which is really heartening to see. Indeed it's a really positive thread overall, one PHer's adoration for a brand - as well as their attention to detail - clear for all to see. So very nicely done, s2000_f20.

The only bad news, really, is that the current uncertain climate may force the S2000 to be moved on. That would be incredibly sad given the work that has gone in, so let's hope not. Let's instead focus on what an amazing Honda has been created here through hundreds of hours of hard work, and the joy that rejuvenating a car can bring - be that from actually doing it, or simply admiring the results. Well done once more!

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