JDM supercar shootout: Time For Coffee?

If only it was six cars, with one Impreza. Then it would be the perfect real-life Gran Turismo race. As it is this Best Motoring video, made in 1999 but only released on YouTube last month, is still an excellent adaptation of the real driving simulator.

There is a point to this video, not that Best Motoring videos should ever require one: 1999 was the year the R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R was launched, a big deal for the Best Motoring boys. So how better to prove the car's credentials than a five-lap sprint (and time attack) around Tsukuba against its closest rivals?

So we have an R34 (in Bayside Blue, of course), an R33 GT-R, a pair of NSXs (an S and an S Zero), an RX-7 RS and two Evo Vs, an RS and a GSR. And the usual array of top Japanese racers. It's on!

We won't give away the result here, only to say that it's very close and the Skyline proves its worth in the group in both the race and the time attack. Neither Nissan wins though...


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  • rb26 30 Nov 2017

    Sadly the boat for theses has gone. £40-50,000 for a decent R34 GT-R is too steep in my opinion. This recent hike in price is most likely influenced by the American market coming into play, so hopefully it'll settle down once the hype and excitement of being able to own them in the USA dies down.

  • Dannbodge 30 Nov 2017

    If I had 50k spare, a R34 would always be very high on my list.

  • jason61c 30 Nov 2017

    Its got more to do with what 50k doesn't get you in the Porsche world.

    Compare a 50k Porsche to a gt-r.

  • rb26 30 Nov 2017

    £50K on a nearly 20 year old tuner car? I'm not so sure. For that kind of money you could buy a excellent PH1 or PH2 Clio V6 and have £15-20k left over.

  • cib24 30 Nov 2017

    I love my FD to death but I saw a blue R34 just like the one in the video in London on Saturday and damn it's a good looking car too, if a bit porky and boxy. It has real presence like the FD. Definitely an attention grabber.

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