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As new cars become ever come complex, multi-faceted and difficult to understand, so the appeal of simple, unpretentious vehicles has grown to certain buyers. And what embodies the spirit of utilitarian, back-to-basics appeal better than a Toyota Land Cruiser?

That's what got PHer 'olly755' to put his name down for an LC Commercial. In his own words: "I fancied a simple, one-car-fits-all solution and could think of no other car that would suit my needs as well. It will be used it for work (which takes up around 75 per cent of my driving) and pleasure." Having waited for his Dacuna Grey Cruiser since January - Commercial demand is said to be "unprecedented" - Olly has now taken delivery.

Appropriately enough one of the first pictures of his Land Cruiser is of it towing a trailer at near-capacity with just 100 miles on the clock - this will be a proper workhorse! The thread is currently weighing up whether the better wheel choice is the standard steel or Olly's optional Hilux alloys, and you probably don't need us to tell you which of those is being better received so far...

Whatever the wheel, the Toyota makes a fine choice of commercial vehicle, and we look forward to seeing what adventures come next. Congratulations then, olly755, your Land Cruiser Commercial is our Reader's Car of the Week!

Read the full thread here.

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