Land Speed Cruiser: Time for Tea?

While the SEMA show is known for daft and ridiculous cars, last year's expo was especially notable for the debut of the Toyota Land Speed Cruiser. Why? Because it had a claimed 2,000hp, in a car that didn't look a long way removed from the standard car. Two thousand!

Go Land Cruiser, go!
Go Land Cruiser, go!
Best of all, this was a functioning concept too, a point now proven by Toyota with this incredible video. The Land Speed Cruiser has now recorded a top speed of 230.1mph, with Toyota claiming that it "probably could have gone faster... if it hadn't simply run out of Tarmac."

The old record stood at 211mph, the speed reached by driver Carl Edwards on the test run. The solution? More boost, obviously. Apparently at 225mph "the thing was wandering a little bit." In a Land Cruiser!

The record attempt took place on the runway at the Mojave Air and Space Port in California, the 2.5-mile straight the ideal place for big speeds. This video not only shows the record attempt but also the creation of the car, including the build and development - if you need a reminder of how massive a Land Cruiser is, look how far back the cameras are mounted!

So well done Toyota, for achieving something completely irrelevant but totally fantastic nonetheless. As the attitude to big speeds becomes ever more blasé, here's a video to prove just how intimidating it can be - top work all round!

Watch the video here.

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  • loudlashadjuster 10 May 2017

    Love that. Proper daft.

  • Escort Si-130 10 May 2017

    That is a serious monster

  • giveitfish 11 May 2017

    Wood-effect steering wheel hehe

  • PurpleAki 11 May 2017

    How fast is/was the SVM Qashqai?

  • vz-r_dave 11 May 2017

    Its a shame they didn't spend much time explaining the engineering side of things.

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