Mitsubishi Evo IX Wagon: Spotted

It's well known that we have quite the appreciation for fast estates at PH. From the E63 S to the Superb 280 Sportline, anything you can put plenty of stuff into and get plenty of power out of ticks the right boxes for us. The Mitsubishi Evo IX Wagon is one such car and, despite its rarity, will already be familiar to many PHers - a particularly distinctive example having been seen on these pages before.

But while many Evos of this generation have received a tweak or two too many, at first glance this one seems to be in exceptional (and, crucially, very un-messed-with) condition. Externally, the paint looks untarnished, as do the 17-inch wheels, while inside the half leather Recaro seats seem good as new.

Looks are, of course, secondary to the Evo IX's performance though, and there's plenty of that to go around despite its unmodified state. The Wagon made use of the same turbocharged 2.0-litre engine as the saloon, officially putting out 289lb ft of torque and 280hp - although Evo magazine reckoned it was closer to 320hp when they drove it - for a 0-60 sprint of 4.8 seconds. Unlike the saloon, it was also available with an automatic transmission, though thankfully today's Spotted is equipped with the far-superior six-speed manual.

Bilstein dampers all-round with MacPherson struts up front and multi-link suspension at the rear mean the Wagon corners as laser-guidedly as the standard car. The lack of the Active Yaw Control technology found in the saloon not denting its performance in this regard, largely thanks to the extra 70kg of bodywork found above the rear axle.

Performance is still respectable over a decade after it rolled off the production line, then, especially for the £14,980 asking price. And for that sum you'll also get a five-seat estate car capable of transporting the whole family and their belongings, very swiftly indeed. The car's 4,500-mile/ six-month service intervals and thirst for fuel may dent its practicality somewhat, but that kind of automotive ability doesn't come without sacrifices...

With only 2,500 Evo IX Wagons having been made, and none officially designated for the UK, it should be a very rare sight indeed, and perhaps a more prudent investment than a saloon in the long-term, particularly if left unmolested. Its one-owner status and full service history are both positives too, which makes the near year it's spent in the classifieds all the more puzzling. It'll surely find a good home soon, though, just in time for a summer road trip. Could it be yours?


Engine: 1,997cc, four-cylinder turbo
Transmission: 6-speed manual, four-wheel drive
Power (hp): 320@5,500rpm
Torque (lb ft): 289@3,000rpm
MPG: Few
CO2: Probably not great
Recorded mileage: 84,000
Year registered: 2006
Price new: £29,999 (UK MR FQ-320 saloon)
Yours for: £14,980

See the full ad here.



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  • adingley84 19 Apr 2018

    Damn I just love these!! So many seem cursed with the jap love for autos I can't believe this hasn't been snapped up!!

  • CooperS 19 Apr 2018

    Haha 4500 mile or 6 month servicing!

    I wonder why these died out....

  • Butter Face 19 Apr 2018

    Been looking at these for a while, but you can also get an RS4 for around the same money and I’d wager you’d need biggish balls and deep pockets to run either!

    Cool car though.

  • Alex_225 19 Apr 2018

    It's such a contradiction in that it's brilliantly practical and kinda sensible being an estate car, yet the engine and performance contradict that entirely.

    I'm not even a Japanese car fan as such but I do really like that. Always had an appreciation of the performance of these cars so this example is just that bit different. smile

  • stuckmojo 19 Apr 2018

    Oooh I love that. Perfect family car, really. Can a tow bar be attached?

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