New Nissan 370Z finally in development

A decade is a long time in car making; when the Nissan 370Z first arrived in 2009, updating the 350Z template of big engine in a fairly big sports car made sense. It's predecessor had been successful doing that, after all, and why wouldn't you stick a chunky V6 in a sports car if possible?

In 2019, that's simply not going to happen anymore: the last remaining sports cars without forced induction are the Mustang, GT86 and certain Caterhams. For this next 370Z, then, due in 2021 and seen testing with a current body here, big change is likely. Welcome change, too, given the old 3.7-litre V6 was well past its best: expect a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 to take its place, taking power to around 400hp and placing it squarely amongst the M2 Competition, TT RS et al.

That engine could well be the one already seen in the Infiniti Q60; current rumours are that the next Zed could share some parts - as the last one did with the Q60/G37 - though little is confirmed just yet. Given the pressures currently faced by manufacturers in getting sports cars to market - see Toyota and BMW having to collaborate to make the numbers work - it would be a surprise for the 370 to receive too much that is bespoke given what's already available.

Beyond a confirmation as part of the Zed/GT-R 50th anniversary year that replacements are being worked on, there's been next to nothing from Nissan about what either sports car might be. To be honest, there's not much to be told from these pics either, because it looks like a 370Z with a bizarre front grille. But expect a comprehensive overhaul: this generation will surely have to accommodate hybrid drive, as well as the increased ride and handling demands imposed by current competitors. Trading on 'charm', 'honesty' or 'authenticity' simply won't cut it any longer.

Quite how Nissan will reinvent its sports car remains to be seen, then, but that doesn't stop us eagerly anticipating whatever it may be. Because while there have been some duffers in the past half century, there have also been some brilliant Zed cars as well - let's hope whatever this is will be another.

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  • thundercolo 30 Oct 2019

    So the Z35 will follow the same recipe as the Z32, 30 years later... Talk about progress! I'd even bet they'll call it 300ZX

  • Sharon-coizu 30 Oct 2019

    In 2019, that's simply not going to happen anymore: the last remaining sports cars without forced induction are the Mustang, GT86 and certain Caterhams.


  • British Beef 30 Oct 2019

    Give it small rear seats and retain the outgoing model ethos, v6 with a manual gearbox!!

  • Amanitin 30 Oct 2019

    paint job from the record setting Veyron. Very clever Nissan. You had us almost fooled.

  • J4CKO 30 Oct 2019

    Interesting, after the stuff about it becomes some kind of Crossover looks like its business as usual.

    Might be an appealing prospect, 400 bhp with a Turbo will be a lot quicker than 340 ish without, Nissan have a big gap between the 370Z and the GTR in terms of price and performance, different markets to an extent but the GTR is so fast and the 370Z, although could never call it slow, its a bit off the pace these days. Not a million miles off the original GTR which had 479 bhp.

    Wonder if the new Supra has changed their plan at all ?

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