New Nissan GT-R NISMO

You know it's a modest facelift of a car when the press release's second paragraph mentions a "significantly reinforced hood". Still, the GT-R NISMO is a fairly extraordinary car in the first instance, so Nissan can probably be excused a subtle update.

Which way to the Nordschleife?
Which way to the Nordschleife?
Following the MY17 refresh of the standard GT-R, the NISMO also incorporates a new bumper, a revised grille that improves cooling and tweaks to the carbon canards at the front. As we said, it's pretty modest. The interior also gets a facelift, with fewer buttons and new displays like the regular GT-R. The NISMO does uniquely receive a pair of Recaro carbon seats with Alcantara inserts.

As is often the way with GT-R revisions though, it's the changes underneath that are more significant. Building on the stiffer body of the standard car, this NISMO has had its dampers, springs and stabilisers further tweaked to improve handling. In addition to added downforce, Nissan claims that slalom times and cornering performance for the GT-R NISMO are improved by nearly two per cent over the previous car. Two per cent (!). There is also talk of "better overall balance" for this model, said to create a car "that can be enjoyed on a winding mountain road as on the local race circuit."

Should make quite the early Christmas present
Should make quite the early Christmas present
Power and torque are identical for this NISMO, boasting the same 600hp and 480lb ft as before. The six-speed dual-clutch automatic is carried over unchanged as well. Again though, with a 0-62mph time of less than three seconds and a top speed in excess of 190mph, you could argue it's sufficiently well endowed already...

Nissan UK hasn't yet announced a price for the new NISMO, but customers will be able to order their cars from next week and collect their car just before Christmas. If you can't wait that long - and can forego that two per cent improvement in slalom speed - then it seems £140K is the going rate for the old R35 GT-R NISMO. If you like GT-Rs, you won't be disappointed.








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Comments (27) Join the discussion on the forum

  • WCZ 27 May 2016

    i'm not surprised they've not made too many changes, IIRC there's quite a few owners still waiting to take delivery of the previous one?

  • big_rob_sydney 27 May 2016

    I don't normally comment along these lines, as I am a huge GTR fan, but I think getting on to this kind of money is starting to be a bit much.

  • C.A.R. 27 May 2016

    big_rob_sydney said:
    I don't normally comment along these lines, as I am a huge GTR fan, but I think getting on to this kind of money is starting to be a bit much.
    I totally agree, however - people are buying it.

    I don't think there's any suggestion that these Nismo models aren't sold at a much higher margin, but if it's all money which goes into development of another GTR for the future then why not? If they didn't create it then the income wouldn't be generated from its' sale. It's not like they don't cater for the lower budget, when the original R35 GTR came about it was around £55k, with the current-gen at £78,000. To get equal performance from a 911 requires you buy a Turbo S, which is almost 1.5x the cost!

    And Porsche aren't affraid to make ltd edition models at even more ludicrous price-points with huge profit margins, are they?!

  • GranCab 27 May 2016

    Don't forget when the R35 was launched here in 2009 our dear Chancellor had reduced V.A.T. down to 15%

  • Erudite geezer 27 May 2016

    140,000 Great British pounds for a Nissan yikes

    No thanking you, Sir.

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