Nissan Zed marks 50 with 370 Anniversary

While it may sometimes feel like the current Nissan 370Z has itself been on sale for 50 years, there have of course been many iterations of Nissan Zed car since the 240Z first emerged in 1969. It was revealed at the New York show of that year in fact, so there's no better place to pull the covers off this latest special edition five decades later.

The 370Z 50th Anniversary Edition is described as celebrating "the history of the model and its racing heritage, both of which have played a vital role in helping making Nissan what it is today." Which would explain how this car looks, the paint scheme evoking the Brock Racing Enterprises (BRE) 240Z that was so successful in various SCCA races in the 1970s. That means white with red boot, bonnet, roof, mirrors and stripes, or silver with black accents. See as well the 50th Anniversary badges, because it's not a special edition without badges.

And, er, well, that's kind of it. Based on the 370Z Sport in the US, the 50th uses the venerable 3.7-litre V6 that's powered the model since launch, with 328hp and 268lb ft. Suspension, gearbox, wheels, brakes, tyres and interior (bar some badges and Alcantara) are carried over unchanged as well. Far be it from us to be the arbiters of what makes a good 50th anniversary sports car, but it does seem a bit of a shame that a little more effort couldn't have been expended on marking such a significant occasion.

Launched as a 2020 model, the 50th Anniversary Zed will likely be available in the States soon - there's no word yet on any UK availability. As you may well remember, there's a GT-R 50th anniversary on the way too, so perhaps that'll be a more enticing prospect. Until then, for some Zed car excitement, here's a 240Z BRE onboard - seems apt, given this 370 pays homage to it. And, well, it doesn't sound bad, either...



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Comments (23) Join the discussion on the forum

  • 3795mpower 16 Apr 2019

    At least they’ve made some effort beyond the usual badges and
    “One of 50’000” stickers.
    Not my choice of paint but it certainly won’t go unnoticed.

    Happy 50th !

  • J4CKO 16 Apr 2019

    Plain one for me, those stripes make it look like a Knock off Adidas trainer.

    Wonder how many zeds Nissan still sell ?

  • borat52 16 Apr 2019

    Parts of that interior could literally be from the 1990's!

  • Paddy78 16 Apr 2019

    borat52 said:
    Parts of that interior could literally be from the 1990's!
    I guess it depends on what you're used to, but the interior is actually pretty nice. It isn't the last word in design, but everything is made from pretty decent materials. It is a fairly cheap car after all and miles ahead of something like a GT86, which isn't much cheaper. Certainly a massive improvement over the 350z!

    I can't help thinking that this is a bit of a wasted opportunity to celebrate a 50th anniversary. This just doesn't seem that special. Incidentally, Nissan celebrated the 40th anniversary with the 370z as well, so it shows how long in the tooth these are now. That at least had some nice red seats. Not sure I'd have this over a Nismo as presumably it will command a premium over the base model.

  • James Junior 16 Apr 2019

    I had a 370Z GT for a few years and did numerous driving tours in it, so had lots of chances to chase and compare it to various other sports cars and supercars through the Alps and southern France. It was a great car, especially with KW V3 coilovers and a few tweaks to brakes and breathing. However, it always just felt a bit slow on the straights. No surprise given it's portly kerb weight and relatively limited torque I guess. It also suffered terribly with overheating on the long mountain ascents, often going into limp mode if you had been pushing on. It was a lot of car for the money and in the twisties would stay with the exotics, but once the road opened out it just felt like it needed more.

    I am amazed they still haven't put the old 370 out to pasture and it's a shame they didn't do more to update the car over it's 10 years in service. Surely they could also have done more to lift the Nismos above the cooking spec cars. If it had shed 100kgs and had a bit more power and torque it would have been quite a machine.

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