Reader's Car of the Week: Honda Acty

Kei cars are pretty specialist really, and typically aren't seen much outside of Japan. But PHer Digby has picked up a 1988 JDM Honda Acty, which he's very fond of despite looking like a micro-machine next to other vehicles on the road!

Since picking it up Digby has received plenty of smiles, been snapped by passers by and even had a very pleasant - if entirely random - chat with a fellow enthusiast at a petrol station. It might not be as quick as most of the reader's cars we post here, with a 547cc three-cylinder engine and a top speed of 55mph, but the rarity and oddity value here makes it more than worthy. Having found an earlier model with a two-cylinder engine for scrap, the rear lights and the five-speed gearbox are going to be lifted out of it.

It is great to see that these little Kei cars still have a following in the UK, and that there are those deicated enough to keep them running. So congratulations Digby, your Honda Acty is our Reader's Car of the Week! We look forward to more updates on this in the future. Read the full thread here.