Reader's Car Of The Week: Mazda RX-7

Pessimists say never meet your heroes, but when when the worship has lasted two decades you'd hope the appreciation is one that takes in warts and all. In this context our featured owner Pelo wanted an RX-7 since he was 11 years old, after seeing a red one parked up on a driveway. "I had no idea what it was, but its beauty stuck in my mind," he says and after 20 years he can now call himself a rotary owner.

He was lucky enough to find a low-mileage example in red with just a handful of modifications, including an exhaust system, a set of alloys and an A'PEXi digital rev counter, though Pelo admits the latter is pretty useless. He has a few mods planned as he is keen to take the RX-7 on track. But only after he completes the general service, as the engine is still on its original spark plugs and the tyres are 10 years old!

Congratulations on sticking with the obsession and finding the car for you - Pelo, your Mazda RX-7 is our Reader's Car Of The Week. Read the full thread here.

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