Subaru teases limited-run 'TC380' WRX STI

Whether RB5, P1, 22B, WR1 or RA-R, special Subaru STIs always tend to have about 300hp. Some have a bit less, some have a bit more, but the consistency of Subaru power since the turn of the millennium has been remarkable. Some have used it to suggest the car hasn't evolved far enough, while others believe that the car perfectly suits that amount of performance. Point is that whatever tweaks might be thrown at a limited edition Subaru saloon in the 21st century, and it feels like there have been plenty, it's always going to have about 300hp.

Until now, that is. Because first details have emerged of an STI TC380 which, as you might have guessed, makes 380hp. Developed with Japanese rally driver Toshihiro Arai, the car is said to benefit from a new HKS turbo, cat and intake arrangement. That's in addition to a chassis brace, some carbon body bits and new Recaro seats.

All very promising, apart from just a couple of things. One being the lack of any further additional information or pictures at the moment. The other being a very limited run of just 50 cars, created solely for the Japanese market. Again. Orders are apparently open now, the TC380 priced at 4,965,840 yen, or about £33,500. Doesn't sound like very much for what should be the fastest NotImpreza yet. More details to follow as they're available, or have a look in the classifieds for a slightly more accessible fix of JDM Subaru silliness...

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  • wab172uk 07 Nov 2018

    Just a shame there isn't an all new Impreza. One that is actually nice to look at. Then give it 380bhp and take the fight back to VW / Audi / Merc etc.

    I actually liked the look of the previous gen Impreza. The one that became a Saloon from the hatchback. But the rear wing should have been standard. It was only that fact that the 2.5 engine was made of chocolate that I didn't even consider one.

  • big_rob_sydney 07 Nov 2018

    Out of the two cars pictured, I'd rather have the 22B thanks.

  • redroadster 07 Nov 2018

    Make it a hatch for 30 grand and would give the GTi brigade a headache ,last one looked beefy with flared arches read somewhere this might be happening price not confirmed though .

  • Striple 07 Nov 2018

    what does the TC bit stand for? touring car??

  • Cambs_Stuart 07 Nov 2018

    +1 for the 22b.
    As for the New notimpreza I'd love one. As long as it hasn't got the 2.5.

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