Subaru teases STI-badged concept

We've briefly reported on the Viziv Performance Concept before - most recently at last year's Tokyo show - but it was obvious to all of us that Subaru hadn't yet put its back into it. Now at last, with the tuner-dedicated Auto Salon almost upon us, the manufacturer has finally put some performance into its concept.

Naturally (and tantalizingly) this all comes with an STI badge attached. And as is typically the case, the whole thing immediately moves up a notch: the splitter, bigger sills and all-important spoiler (not to mention pink highlights) providing the Viziv with the kind of profile that immediately invokes a bedroom wall worth of Impreza back catalouge.

Is this actually pointing anywhere concrete? Well, that remains in the shade. Subaru might potentially say a little more about what's under the bonnet (a Boxer motor of some description apparently) but it might not. The Viziv is still about forthcoming design language as much as anything.

The better way to look at it is as an affirmation that Subaru still knows where it's at: five-doors, hawk-eyed, boxed arches, Boxer engined and all-wheel drive in the symetrical style. That remains the concept at the heart of the STI-badged show car, and with the current Final (farewell) Edition due any day at PH HQ, that's what we're clinging to.

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  • Hongkongfooi 10 Jan 2018

    unfortunately this wont look remotely like anything that they make....its what the brand needs but is sadly never going to happen...such a shame

  • andymac 10 Jan 2018

    Yep I would be suprised if it looks like that.

    Pistonheads HQ ,Looking forward to the review of the Final Edition ..........

  • macky17 10 Jan 2018

    What's the betting they'll recycle the chocolate 2.5 again?

  • garythesnail 10 Jan 2018

    macky17 said:
    What's the betting they'll recycle the chocolate 2.5 again?
    I'm on my third chocolate 2.5

    Had no issues yet. However, only 160k miles between them and all kept standard. The 2.0 on the first one gave us no problems either.

    Like the look of this.

    Edited by garythesnail on Wednesday 10th January 19:34

  • givablondabone 10 Jan 2018

    No one doubts Subaru's ability to produce exciting, driver focused cars but to make anything like this work they need to improve their interiors and even more importantly give us a more efficient and frugal engine at the same time.

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